A brand-centric niche hydroelectricity company with an eye on visual pull

The website is for a B2B domain company that deals in setting up mini and micro power plants.


Project Overview

The website is a brand of a hydroelectricity company, specialising in mini and micro-hydroelectric power plants.




Wordpress, HTML, Bootstrap, PHP, Mysql, jQuery
Krunos The Blue Energy


Client Needs

Client was more focussed on brand creation and presentation over the other important features. Still some other things that were of concern are:

  • Simplified navigation and clear layout
  • Manageable from the admin end
  • A quick, clear summary of what the company is, and crucially, the services that they offer to their customers.
  • Website that is visually pulling.
  • Easily accessible website from all the devices.


Ficode Delivery

We designed and developed a website that expresses their brand story more through design than mere words. So we came up with the following:

  • A structured navigation that takes the visitor on intuition.
  • A bespoke easily manageable CMS that the client could handle by himself without any technical intervention from our side.
  • The selected color scheme is more about the brand and highlights the brand value much before a visitor sets to reading.
  • Responsive website design was picked to make the website respond to any and every device size.

What about the delivery made the client happiest

The website that finally came up turned out to be quality-rich. Anyone with an eye for design can easily see the detailing we have seamlessly integrated on every page. The highly optimized layout aims to express everything clearly and any visitor would intuitively go for the page looked for. Every single aspect of the site is crafted to make it very user-friendly, much to the liking of our client.

Memberships / Affiliations