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Digitize learning and provide interactive and accessible education with Ficode’s EdTech services.

The Best in EdTech

Services We Provide in EdTech Software Development

Solutions offered by Ficode EdTech Software Developers

  • E-Learning Software Development
    E-Learning Software Development
  • Learning Management System Development
    Learning Management System Development
  • Classroom Simulators Development
    Classroom Simulators Development
  • Self-Education Software System
    Self-Education Software System
Services we Provide as a Skilled EdTech Software Developer
  • Cloud Based Learning Software
    Cloud Based Learning Software
  • Gamification
  • Skill Boosting Apps
    Skill Boosting Apps
  • Customisation

Innovative Solutions By Our Skilled EdTech Software Developers

Our UK app developers are committed to providing innovative customised solutions to help your EdTech business thrive in the competitive educational sector.

  • E-learning platforms

    E-learning Software Development

    We help you build custom and highly scalable e-learning software that is easy to access and navigate. Our team of experts help you to build web solutions, portals and mobile applications with a variety of impressive features. Our EdTech software developers deliver e-learning software that suits your organisation and improves the learning experience for students and staff.

  • LMS software solutions and integrations

    Learning Management System Development

    We provide custom learning management system consulting and development programs in education and business environments. Our software developers implement various advanced features to help educational institutions and businesses meet different needs. Some of the LMS integrated are Moodle, OpenEdx and Canva.

  • Virtual Classrooms and Video Conferencing

    Classroom Simulators Development

    Our EdTech professionals are experienced in classroom simulator development. We create robust video conferencing tools that can record sessions, attract participant engagement and display educational materials as interactive media files and share screens.

  • On-demand eLearning applications

    Self-education software system

    We build self-education software that allows students to access various learning opportunities independently. Our self-education software ranges from language learning apps to access systems for school management so users can get to learning.

  • Cloud-based learning software

    Cloud based learning software

    We ensure your EdTech platform is fully optimised for scalability, storage, interoperability and efficiency using cloud-based learning software. From this, you also benefit from maximum security to minimise the risk of data breaches and cyber attacks.

  • Gamified education software solutions


    We can help your customers fully engage with e-learning through state-of-the-art gamifications software. Our bespoke services will create skill-based interactive games harnessing AI and IoT that fit seamlessly with your learning portal.

  • Skill Boosting Apps

    Skill boosting apps

    Using the latest AI tech, we are able to build skill-based learning apps that learn and grow as your customer does, providing them with a personal experience based on their learning style and skill level.

  • Custom web and mobile learning solutions


    We get to know your EdTech business, and align with your business goals and customer needs to create bespoke learning solutions that are right for you.

Industry Challenges

Why Choose Ficode For Your EdTech Business?

Why Choose Ficode For Your Ed Tech
Advanced Tech

Advanced Tech

Ficode utilises the very best in in eduational technology, staying up to date with the industry’s demands and challenges and implementing the right software solutions for your students and stakeholders.

Quick results

Quick Results

We work with an international team of experts to work around the clock to meet your EdTech needs, quickly.



We break each project down into cycles, involving planning, design, development, testing and execution. This ensures no stone is left unturned and your EdTech platform works flawlessly without the downtime.

Diverse talent

Diverse Talent

Our diverse team with their different perspectives, experiences and skills, help you innovate, solve problems and reach new markets.

Innovative EdTech Applications Built On Robust, Reliable Technology

As a leading EdTech app development company in the UK, we utilise the latest technologies to help you keep pace within the rapidly evolving EdTech industry.

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