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If you are looking for top-notch Akka developers, hire developers from Ficode. We have a team of highly skilled Akka developers who are dedicated to offering the best results for your clients. Our Akka developers are skilled in a diverse range of additional frameworks and tools and committed to delivering outstanding results.

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Hire Dedicated Akka developers for your business

Make your business stand apart from the competition and attract customers by hiring developers from Ficode. We understand that your project is unique and important to you, and we work tirelessly to bring your business idea to life. Our beskpoke software developer provide the dedicated development support that you need in your Akka app development process.

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Why Choose Ficode for Your Akka App Development

Our expert developers, who specialise in Akka, have experience building high-performance business applications and offering cutting-edge solutions. Hire us now, and let our team do the rest.

  • Scalability and Fault Tolerance

    Scalability and Fault Tolerance

    Our focus is on designing Akka solutions that can seamlessly scale up to meet your business needs while also being able to handle any failures or issues that may arise. This ensures robust performance throughout.
  • Timely Delivery

    Timely Delivery

    We are dedicated to delivering your Akka projects on schedule, ensuring that we meet all your business objectives within the agreed-upon timeframe.
  • Continuous Support

    Continuous Support

    Our commitment extends beyond project delivery. We provide round-the-clock support to address any queries or concerns you may have and ensure operations for all your Akka applications.
  • Akka Consultants

    Akka Consultants

    Our Akka team of consultants and developers are dedicated to delivering innovative, interactive, and scalable business applications.

Benefits of Hiring Akka Developers

To achieve exceptional results, you need to hire exceptional people, and we are here to help! Ficode offers proven benefits such as

Akka Clustering

Development of distributed systems using Akka Clustering that are highly scalable and fault tolerant.

Akka Clustering

Develop microservices architectures using Akka HTTP that are reactive, responsive and resilient.

Akka Streams

Built high throughput data pipelines for data processing and transformation with the use of Akka Streams.

Akka Actors

With fault tolerance strategies and a low memory footprint, the Akka Actors are great candidate for scheduling the periodic processes to perform big data processing.


Akka Persistence ensures data resilience using events sourcing and utilising the event sourcing patterns.

Akka HTTP and AkkaFlow

Support of multi-channel and stream-based implementation of WebSockets on top of Akka HTTP and AkkaFlow.

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Technologies We use

Our developers are excelling at over 300+ industry-leading firms around the world. We have carted to technologies like

  • AKKA Actor Library

    Actor Library

  • Cluster


  • Akka Persistance


  • Distributed data

    Distributed Data

  • Akka Streams


  • Alpakka


  • Akka Http


  • gRPC


  • Service Directory

    Service Discovery

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For a vast array of industries, our customised IT solutions are designed to provide a boost to your business.

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