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From the rising dominance of alternative banking to streamlined compliance with innovative regtech, new technology is opening up the world of finance to exciting opportunities.

Download this paper to learn how innovations like big data analysis, green partnerships and streamlined automation can shape your organisation and inform your decision making to ensure optimal risk mitigation, outcomes, and compliance.

    Services We Provide in FinTech Software Development

    Solutions offered by Ficode FinTech Software Developers

    • Consumer Banking Apps
      Consumer Banking Apps
    • Personal Finance Software Development
      Personal Finance Software Development
    • P2P Lending Software
      P2P Lending Software
    • Financial Reporting Software
      Financial Reporting Software
    Services we Provide as a Skilled FinTech Software Developer
    • Wealth Management Solution
      Wealth Management Solution
    • BI Tool For Planning And Management
      BI Tool For Planning and Management
    • Open Banking Solutions
      Open Banking Solutions
    • FinTech Enabled Marketplaces
      FinTech Enabled Marketplaces

    Expert Software Developers For The FinTech Industry

    Our expertise in FinTech software development allows us to create suitable bespoke software solutions that are engineered to fit the unique architecture of the FinTech app. Either support for TouchID or FaceID, data encryption, two-factor authentication, we incorporate all the security features so that only authorised users can access the app’s features and data in FinTech application.

    • Fintech Technology

      Consumer Banking Apps

      We adhere to the latest industry standards in design, code, project management, and security to create consumer banking apps that fit your business and resources.

    • Monitor Icon

      Personal Finance Software Development

      We help businesses stay ahead in the financial market by offering complete FinTech software development services. Ficode turns your innovative ideas into tech driven personal finance solutions.

    • Payroll System

      P2P Lending Software

      We help you to create a unique P2P lending or debt crowdfunding platform to kickstart and grow your loan management business.

    • Comprehensive Reporting

      Financial reporting software

      Automate and optimise your financial reporting, saving time and effort as well as minimising human error risk. Ensure your FinTech business is fully compliant using comprehensive and accurate data that you can access and understand quickly.

    • Workforce Management Software

      Wealth Management Solution

      As a fintech software development company, we are committed to fully digitising wealth management, including risk profiling, portfolio management, investment product search and data analysis.

    • Pharmacy Management System

      BI Tool For Planning and Management

      We equip you with tools to gather, process, analyse, and visualise large volumes of data, giving you accurate business insights and allowing you to create interactive reports, and streamline the decision-making processes.

    • Open Banking solutions

      Open Banking solutions

      We work with companies like Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs) to build solutions that allow consumers and businesses to take better control of their financial data, benefit from tailored financial products & services and realise instant online payments.

    • FinTech enabled Marketplaces

      FinTech enabled Marketplaces

      Attract a new client base by building a quick and convenient way for consumers to access various financial services like insurance, financing, and banking.

    Industry Challenges

    Why Choose Ficode as your best FinTech App Development Company?

    Why Choose Ficode For Your FinTech?
    Advanced Tech

    Advanced Tech

    Ficode utilises the very best in in financial technology, staying up to date with the industry’s demands and challenges and implementing the right software solutions for your customers.

    Quick results

    Quick results

    We work with an international team of experts to work around the clock to meet your FinTech needs, quickly.



    We break each project down into cycles, involving planning, design, development, testing and execution. This ensures no stone is left unturned and your FinTech platform works flawlessly without the downtime.

    Diverse talent

    Diverse talent

    Our diverse team with their different perspectives, experiences and skills, help you innovate, solve problems and reach new markets.

    Modernise Your FinTech Business With Advanced Technologies

    From blockchain integration to AI-driven financial forecasting, we harness the latest technologies to deliver bespoke software that drives innovation for your FinTech business.

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