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API integration services is the key to seamless data flow, connectivity, and improved functionality for service providers. At Ficode, we specialise in connecting your systems, applications, and services, ensuring they work together harmoniously to drive efficiency and enhance your service delivery

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What we do in this space

Our API integration solutions enable service providers to break down data silos and foster collaboration between disparate systems. We create robust, custom integrations that facilitate real-time data exchange, streamline processes, and empower your team with accurate, up-to-date information. Typically, we see service providers saving 50% of their time, resource and cost allocated to bloated and complicated processes.

Our Approach

Our approach to API integration begins with a comprehensive analysis of your existing systems and business processes. We then design, develop, and implement tailored integration solutions that align perfectly with your service provider needs. Our goal is to enhance data accuracy, reduce manual data entry, and optimise your operations.


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Orelia, a well-established online eCommerce jewellery platform, has long been a trusted source for a wide range of high-quality Men and Women's accessories crafted from materials such as Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold. Serving both retail and wholesale customers for 10 years, Orelia had a strong foothold in the retail segment. However, without an online platform to manage their wholesale clientele, they couldn’t scale quickly and efficiently.