Hire Java Developers

Hire Java Developers in the UK at Ficode. Our Java programmers utilise top frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, and Struts, and possess a deep understanding of core Java, Advanced Java, and J2EE. They are adept at crafting server applications using platforms like SpringMVC, SpringBoot, and Quarkus. With a rich history of hands-on experience, our developers are committed to enhancing your application development journey.

Hire Java Developers

Top-Notch Java Developers in the UK

Being one of the leading Java Development Company in the UK, Ficode has delivered exemplary Java-based business solutions across the globe.

By utilising Java for custom project management applications, our expert developers can tailor the solution to the exact requirements. We ensure smooth project operations, efficient collaboration, and improved project delivery.

Top-Notch Java Developers

Ficode is a Top-Level Solution for Your Web Development Project

With the right Java web development service, you can increase performance and address business challenges. Our developers are well-versed in selecting the ideal framework for your project, offering result-oriented services to build cross-platform apps that function seamlessly.

  • Java Web Development

    Java Web Development

    Our team of Java backend developers will create customised web solutions tailored to your business needs. We use the latest technologies and frameworks to build responsive, dynamic, and user-friendly Java apps.
  • Microservices Development

    Microservices Development

    Hire our Java programmers who specialise in constructing Java-based microservices that are independent, lightweight, and scalable. Our Java developers deploy the latest technologies to craft fault-tolerant applications.
  • J2EE Framework Development

    J2EE Framework Development

    Our developers possess extensive experience in leveraging the J2EE framework to develop enterprise-grade Java applications that align seamlessly with your business requirements. 
  • Migration and Upgrade Services

    Migration and Upgrade Services

    Our full stack Java developers will keep your Java applications up-to-date. Hire Java developers to migrate your outdated Java apps to the latest version and upgrade them to take advantage of new features.  
  • Java Consulting

    Java Consulting

    Our dedicated team of Java professionals brings a wealth of experience from diverse projects to offer tailored solutions that align with your specific business objectives. Our consulting services include projecting the initial idea and architecture design to development, testing, deployment, and ongoing support.
  • Java Mobile Development

    Java Mobile Development

    Connect with our highly experienced Java experts to build scalable mobile applications using Java frameworks such as Angular and ReactJs.

Benefits of Choosing Java for Web Development

Java, as a web development technology, comes with a plethora of benefits. Connect with us and hire the best Java development company in the UK to unleash the full potential of your vision. 

Benefits of Choosing Java for Web Development
Java supports multi-threading

Java supports multi-threading, which means the developers don’t have to save and execute multiple code copies on the same hardware.

Java is a platform-independent programming language

Java is a platform-independent programming language. The portability feature makes the language versatile to be used on any platform.

building Android applications for mobile

Java is one of the primary programming languages for building Android applications for mobile. 

building secure applications

Java comes with built-in security features, such as memory management, and sandboxing capabilities that make it suitable for building secure applications. 

jawa benefits

Java applications can be easily scaled both vertically (by improving the hardware) and horizontally (by adding more servers) to handle increased loads. 

vertically and horizontally

Java contains a large set of APIs. You can select Java APIs for XML parsing, networking, database connection, and other utilities.

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Technologies we Use

Our expertise reaches a wide spectrum of technologies, showcasing our proficiency in delivering innovative solutions that drive your business forward. Some of the technologies we have mastered are.

  • Spring Boot 

    Spring Boot 

  • Play Framework

    Play Framework

  • Spring Security

    Spring Security

  • Spring WebFlux

    Spring WebFlux

  • Spring Cloud

    Spring Cloud

  • Quarkus


  • JAX-RS


  • Apache Spark 

    Apache Spark 

  • MongoDB


  • MySQL


  • PostgresSQL


  • Firebase 


  • RabbitMQ

    Rabbit MQ

  • ActiveMQ

    Active MQ

  • Maven


  • Gradle


  • Ant


  • Microservices


  • Single Sign-On

    Single Sign-On

  • Oauth


  • Log4j


  • Logback


  • Jenkins


  • RxJava


  • Lombok


  • Apache Tomcat 

    Apache Tomcat 

  • CI/CD


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