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Extract maximum value from your data by hiring Elasticsearch developers from Ficode. We implement Elasticsearch as the backbone of our project management and knowledge base platform. We believe that efficiently organising data, tracking progress, and accessing relevant information are crucial for client satisfaction.

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We have the expertise and experience to develop any Elasticsearch application as per your requirements. Our team works with clients to provide flexible, user-friendly, cost-effective solutions related to their data-based projects. We provide a high-performance system that can scale up to manage billions of documents. Our developers are experienced with Elasticsearch data migration, and Elasticsearch real-time search, in enterprise portals to automate business processes. Connect with us to know how much a website cost for create


Why Choose Ficode as your Elasticsearch Development Company

Hire developers of Elasticsearch from Ficode and let them create an app to handle all your Big data. Elasticsearch has been a popular choice among businesses who wants to use it to index their data efficiently as Elastic Stack Applications are exceptionally swift, even during the processing of a complicated search query.

  • Elasticsearch Architecture

    Elasticsearch Architecture

    We are experts in designing Elasticsearch architecture to work on different web, desktop or mobile-based platforms without compromising the quality and performance of the application. We ensure that the architecture and infrastructure we implement have the capacity to expand and adapt to your evolving needs.
  • Real-time analytics

    Real-time analytics

    Our UK developers will design the platform to offer real-time insights and handle large amounts of data by providing real-time updates and minimising latency, increasing user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Dynamic Mapping

    Dynamic Mapping

    Elasticsearch allow users to store documents in JSON objects using their indexing system to provide dynamic mapping and type definition. It seamlessly integrates with Elasticsearch's robust search and analytics capabilities, ensuring your data is searchable and analysable in real-time.
  • Elasticsearch Support

    Elasticsearch Support

    When you hire our Elasticsearch developers, we extent our support services to maintain your search engine and to offer support with data analysis around the clock.
  • Elasticsearch Consulting

    Elasticsearch Consulting

    Is your Elasticsearch cluster running at its peak performance? Our UK consultants will fine-tune your application setup, making sure your system is lightning-fast, even during complex searches. Our consultants integrate Elasticsearch to streamline workflows, saving time and reducing errors in the application.
  • Elasticsearch REST API

    Elasticsearch REST API

    Whether you're dealing with a small dataset or vast volumes of information, Elasticsearch's REST API scales with your needs, ensuring optimal performance at all times. Elasticsearch REST API incorporates robust security features, safeguarding your data and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Benefits of using Elasticsearch for your application

Elasticsearch stands as a powerful and flexible open-source search and analytics engine, frequently employed for a multitude of tasks, primarily centred on efficient data storage, search, and analysis. Elasticsearch is constructed atop the Apache Lucene search library and offers a distributed RESTful API for interacting with data.

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Elasticsearch is open source

Elasticsearch is open source, which means it's free to use and has a large community of developers contributing to its development.

real-time indexing

It provides near real-time indexing and search capabilities. As soon as data is indexed, it becomes searchable.

full-text search

Elasticsearch is highly optimised for full-text search, making it ideal for applications where users need to search through large volumes of textual data quickly and accurately. It supports features like stemming, tokenization, relevance ranking, and fuzzy matching.

JSON-based format

It stores data in a JSON-based format called documents. This document-oriented approach allows you to store complex, structured data and search within it effectively.

Elastic Stack

Elasticsearch is part of the Elastic Stack, which includes tools like Logstash (for data ingestion), Kibana (for data visualization and dashboarding), and Beats (for lightweight data shippers).

summarise and analyse data

Elasticsearch supports aggregation queries that allow you to summarise and analyse data, which is crucial for generating insights from your data.

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