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Web development


Flutter, Angular, REST API (.NET), MS SQL Server, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AWS Services
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Problem Statement

Operator of this study along with its distributor in the UK, approached Ficode for a highly interactive and user-friendly healthcare app, which is compatible with all platforms. Ficode worked to provide the best clinical trial software solutions based on the individual doctors and patients experiences. Our technology experts provided solution taking these challenges into consideration and maintained data privacy to not disclosed the identity of individuals. Ficode, the perfect partner, with their technology expertise developed and delivered the solution.

The Solution

Solution provided using the collected data included advanced web and mobile app development, data security measures and data analytics for better business results. This solution provided easy access to multi-layered sampling questions to doctors and breast cancer patients after surgery to fill their observations as and when required. Access to the solution was only limited to registered users contributing to this case study using the web and mobile applications.

Opera Study project description

Project Description

The need was to conduct a case study involving doctors and breast cancer patients after their surgery to get valuable insights into the complications or adverse effects associated with the mesh treatment.

The process was difficult to accomplish, as it involved a lot of resources including doctors, nurses and patients at different geolocations. Distributing BreastQ multi-category sampling questions to these people and analyse outcomes based on their inputs was another challenge.

Benefits to businesses

Our solutions provided valuable insights in the respective areas

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