Hire Kafka Developers in The UK

Hire the best Kafka developers in the UK who have skills, knowledge, and experience to build user-friendly, secure, and scalable solutions for web apps. Our developers at Ficode use Kafka for its exceptional services such as log aggregation, message passing between services, Real-time data processing, and more.

Hire Kafka Developers in The UK

Leading Apache Kafka Consulting Company

Hire the best Kafka consultants from Ficode in the UK. Our team of experts uses Apache Kafka's excellent Connect interface to let users integrate with various event sources and event sinks, such as JMS, AWS S3, Elasticsearch, Postgres, and many more. Kafka allows developers to stream data analytics and mission-critical applications; it is an incredible platform for data integration between multiple data sources.

Leading Apache Kafka Consulting Company

Why Do Businesses Hire Kafka Developers with FICODE?

Connect with us for the best services. Our developers uses the best techniques to help you deploy high-performance streaming platforms that scale. Some of our best services as Kafka developers are.

  • Kafka streaming Analytics

    Kafka streaming Analytics

    Our expert developers can assist you in using Kafka streams to provide insights from the data streams.
  • Apache Kafka Implementation

    Apache Kafka Implementation

    Our Kafka experts has years of experience in solving enterprise’s data streaming and processing challenges.
  • Kafka Supporting and Consulting

    Kafka Supporting and Consulting

    Our developers offer end-to-end application support specialising in helping the enterprises customers to build scalable real-world Big Data applications.
  • Kafka Integration

    Kafka Integration

    We excel in Apache Kafka integration, seamlessly connecting Kafka to support Big Data needs.
  • AWS Cloud Deployment

    AWS Cloud Deployment

    With extensive experience in Kafka AWS development and optimisation, we can assist you in managing Amazon Kafka services and EC2 services.
  • Deploy Kafka Across Various Data Centres

    Deploy Kafka Across Various Data Centres

    If you need to set up Kafka across multiple data centres, we have the expertise to help you achieve this.

Benefits of Hiring Apache Kafka Developers From Ficode

Our developers are skilled in a diverse range of additional frameworks and tools. Here are some common business use cases of Kafka in software applications we are using.

Benefits of Hiring Apache Kafka Developers From Ficode
data in real time

Kafka can ingest and process large amounts of data in real time, including log data, metrics, and sensor readings.

stream processing frameworks

Kafka's real-time data stream can be processed using stream processing frameworks such as Apache Kafka Streams or Apache Flink to perform various transformations, aggregations and analytics.

Integrate Data From Multiple Sources and Systems

Kafka can be used to integrate data from multiple sources and systems, enabling communication between different services or applications.

various components

Kafka can serve as a central repository for logs generated by various components in a distributed system, simplifying log management and analysis.

Data Base changes from Real

Kafka can capture and propagate changes from databases to other systems in real time, enabling applications to react to database changes instantly.

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Technologies we use with Kafka

Our developers have expertise in all kinds of tools and technologies to boost your business. Our tools and technologies are well-researched and time-tested to give you an extra edge over your competitors.

  • Apache ZooKeeper

    Apache ZooKeeper

  • Apache Avro

    Apache Avro

  • Apache Parquet

    Apache Parquet

  • Apache Kafka Streams

    Apache Kafka Streams

  • Apache Flink

    Apache Flink

  • Apache Spark 

    Apache Spark

  • Database Systems

    Database Systems

  • Apache Cassandra

    Apache Cassandra

  • Prometheus and Grafana

    Prometheus and Grafana

  • Logstash


  • Kibana


  • Spring Boot

    Spring Boot

  • Android


  • Eureka


  • Scala


  • Docker and Kubernetes

    Docker and Kubernetes

  • Kerberos




  • Apache NiFi

    Apache NiFi

  • Apache Kafka Connect

    Apache Kafka Connect

  • Kotlin


  • Ruby


  • Ribbon


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