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Hire Angular Developers with us!

Trusted Angular Development Company

Ficode is a top-notch Angular development company with an expert technical team of developers to deliver stable and modern Angular solutions. Our team of experienced developers, testers, and designers offers ROI-driven web solutions. Partner with the leading Angular development company and get world-class expertise.

Why choose Ficode as your Angular Development Company?

With our extensive experience as a skilled Angular Development company, we have been providing custom software development services to let our client’s business scale. Our developers are experts at offering a wide range of solutions by integrating the capabilities of this popular front-end JavaScript framework.

  • Angular Consultation

    Angular Consultation

    As one of the most preferred Angular development companies, our team of expert developers can offer in-depth guidance and analysis on your projects. Our solutions are tailored, strategic, and aligned with your project requirements.
  • Angular Development

    Angular Development

    We have built custom applications that deliver seamless user experience, scalability, and high performance. Our developers create feature-rich apps that run smoothly on web browsers on iOS, Android, and the web, engaging users with interactive and responsive interfaces.
  • Angular cross-platform Migration

    Angular cross-platform Migration

    We offer seamless cross-platform migration of codebase, ensuring improved performance and smooth transitions. Our developers are specialised in building plugins to enhance the capabilities of your Angular projects.
  • Angular Single-page development

    Angular Single-page development

    Hire us to build single-page applications in Angular. Our skilled Angular developers use cutting-edge technologies and create single-page apps that offer smooth navigation, low wait time, and exceptional user experience.
  • Support and Maintenance

    Support and Maintenance

    We ensure that your applications are well-optimised, have no bugs, offer high performance, and are up-to-date. Our team offers comprehensive support and maintenance in managing Angular applications to ensure their longevity, stability, and security.
  • Angular UI/UX Development

    Angular UI/UX Development

    Our expert Angular developers build interactive and visually appealing UI that add value to your application. The interactive UI provides users with engaging and dynamic content.

Benefits of choosing Angular for Web development

Angular is one of the best front-end JavaScript frameworks for building applications. It lets you build feature-rich and scalable applications while saving the development cost

Benefits of choosing Angular for Web development
web application framework

Angular is highly customisable, and this is one of its strengths as a web application framework. It provides developers with the flexibility to tailor their applications to specific needs and requirements.

Manipulation of AJAX glue

Manipulation of AJAX glue is permissible and accessible in Angular. It can manipulate AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) requests and responses by using Angular's built-in HTTP client module. In angular user can customize, intercept, and modify these requests and responses to suit your application's needs.

custom HTML

Angular uses a templating system that includes custom HTML-like directives to enhance and extend HTML for building dynamic web applications. These directives are an integral part of Angular's declarative approach to building user interfaces.

robust testing ecosystem

Angular provides a robust testing ecosystem that includes tools and features for conducting real-time testing of your applications. Real-time testing in Angular typically refers to the ability to run tests and receive immediate feedback as you develop your application. Angular supports various types of testing, including unit testing, integration testing, and end-to-end (E2E) testing, all of which can be conducted in real-time during development.

NativeScript for building native mobile applications

Angular offers effective cross-platform development capabilities primarily through two key approaches. Angular Universal for server-side rendering (SSR) and NativeScript for building native mobile applications.

Support for Material Design

Angular offers excellent support for Material Design through the Angular Material library. Angular Material is a UI component library that provides a wide range of pre-designed, highly customisable UI components following the Material Design guidelines.

If you are looking for an extraordinarily custom designed single-page application or website, then Ficode is the perfect Angular development company for you. 

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Technologies We Use In Angular Development

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  • Material Design

    Material Design

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