Your GP consultation was founded by two UK-based doctors who observed the difficulties people faced in accessing healthcare services after the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognising the increasing challenges in securing appointments and obtaining prompt general practitioners (GPs) consultations, they came up with a solution: an online platform that offers online GP consultation by audio and video consultations in the nearby surgeries.

This technology connects patients and online general practitioners (GPs) in the UK through a user-friendly appointment booking calendar. The application prioritised privacy and confidentiality while providing these services at reasonable prices by synchronising appointment availability with doctors' schedules.




Web development





Increased revenue for the doctors by using Online GP


GP working to their full potential

7-days a week

Increased GP availability

Enhanced user data security by encrypting data exchange through API

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Project Description

Your GP consultation client was in search of a development partner who could fulfil all the necessary compliances for the healthcare industry. Data security was the primary concern, and adherence with all GDPR rules was mandatory.

The client already had this platform development in place, but was not satisfied with it and felt the need to improve quality standards in the existing design. Also, the client was keen on a speedy delivery. Consequently, they approached Ficode and were impressed by our extensive experience in healthcare app development and our expertise in ensuring data security within applications.

The Result

Your GP consultation was designed with a user-centric approach, making it suitable for all age groups. Patients can easily book e-Consultations on a calendar synchronised with this online doctor consultation app. Patients can also book video consultations as our team has strategically integrated the Twilio API to efficiently handle the complexities of video and audio communication. There’s also the ability to facilitate video calls effectively, even in cases of limited and unreliable internet connectivity.

Features list

Real time appointment booking Calendar

Video and Audio consultation

Compliance with all regulatory requirements

Enhanced user experience

Data security and privacy

Cross Platform Compatibility

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