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Ficode is a market-leading Scala development company, specialising in delivering cutting-edge solutions encompassing web applications, backend systems, real-time data processing, distributed computing, and more. Our dedicated team of Scala developers thrives on innovation, ensuring your projects aligned with your unique business needs.

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Leading Scala Development Company in the UK

We are the top Scala application development company, who have experts to deal with this multi-paradigm programming language that combines object-oriented languages with functional languages. With the development of native apps and functionality ranging from simple to complex, we offer top-notch Scala mobile and web application development in the UK.

Leading Scala Development Company

Why Businesses Choose Scala Developers at Ficode

Put an end to your search by hiring the best Scala developers from Ficode. By partnering with us, you gain access to a range of services.

  • Functional and Reactive Expertise

    Functional and Reactive Expertise

    Our Scala developers excel in building applications using functional programming paradigms. We harness the power of the Akka toolkit for creating reactive and resilient systems that scale effortlessly.
  • Customised Scala Solutions

    Customised Scala Solutions

    Reach a larger web development market with our Scala experts who ensure your solutions are secure, scalable, and equipped with advanced features that set you apart.
  • Customised Scala Solutions

    Enterprise-Grade Solutions

    Large-scale enterprise applications require robust, performant systems. Our Scala developers are adept at creating solutions that meet the rigorous demands of enterprise environments.
  • Scala Consulting Services

    Scala Consulting Services

    Whether you're in the early stages of Scala adoption or need guidance with optimising your existing applications, our consulting services have got you covered. We offer insights and strategies to help you make the most out of Scala.
  • Seamless Migration

    Seamless Migration

    Our developers are skilled at smoothly transitioning existing systems to Scala, ensuring minimal disruptions and maximising benefits.
  • Scala for Big Data

    Scala for Big Data

    Use the power of data science with Scala and apache Spark. Our Scala Developers are experts in using it for building big data pipelines, large-scale big data platforms, real-time data processing, and more.

Key Benefits of Scala Development

Choosing Scala for your projects brings a range of advantages that enhance productivity and efficiency.

Frameworks of scala edureka

Akka enables the building of highly concurrent, distributed, and fault-tolerant systems, making it ideal for applications that require real-time processing.

Scala's expressive syntax

Scala's expressive syntax allows developers to write concise and powerful code that's easier to understand and maintain.

Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

Scala runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which means it seamlessly interoperates with Java libraries and frameworks.

accommodate growing user demands

With tools like Akka, Scala allows applications to scale horizontally and vertically to accommodate growing user demands.

data analytics with support

Scala can be a great choice for data analytics with support from tools such as Apache and Spark.

scala benefit

Scala’s integration with Akka framework allows developers to build highly concurrent and parallel systems.

Do you have any specific project requirements in mind? Hire a dedicated developer at Ficode and scale your team. 

Choose a team of experienced Scala Developers and hire people who are specialised in offering all types of Scala solutions for your business.

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Technologies We Use in Scala Development

Our team of Scala experts leverages a wide range of technologies to deliver exceptional results.

  • SBT


  • Akka HTTP 

    Akka HTTP 

  • Play Framework

    Play Framework

  • Akka Cluster 

    Akka Cluster 

  • Akka Cluster 


  • Apache Spark 


  • Lagom


  • Scalding


  • Redis


  • Vue.JS

    Nexus Repository 

  • Docker


  • Jenkins


  • AWS Lambda

    AWS Lambda

  • Azure Functions

    Azure Functions

  • RabbitMQ


  • Azure Devops

    Azure Devops

  • MongoDB


  • MySQL


  • PostgresSQL


  • GraphQL


  • Maven


  • AWS Kinesis 

    AWS Kinesis 

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