Hire Node.js Developers

Hire dedicated Node.js developers to build real-time, scalable, and data-insensitive web and mobile applications. We create innovative applications for all platforms and enable you to build apps using SQL, MySQL, NoSQL, and GraphQL Databases. Share your requirements and kickstart your project.

Hire Node.js Developers

Best Node.js Development Company In The UK

Ficode is a leading Node.js development Company in the UK, offering services such as real-time app development, e-commerce solutions, IoT-based applications, microservices app development, and more. We serve as a comprehensive web development company assisting you in creating intricate and dynamic applications by incorporating advanced functionalities such as bots, social media integration, third-party API integration and much more.Our bespoke Node.js developers are skilled in integrating software with multiple third-party APIs, including open banking platforms and payment services.

Best Node.js Development Company In The UK

Why Businesses Hire Node.js Developers with FICODE

We are experts in building complex enterprise applications, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), dynamic web applications, mobile app backends, and high-performing real-time apps – all tailored to your specific business requirements!

  • API & Web Services Development

    API development And Integration

    With the help of Node.js, we create ready-to-use, secure APIs to provide a quick turnaround time.
  • Real-time Apps with Node.js

    Real-time Apps with Node.js

    We provide highly flexible and high-performing real-time app development using Node.js Framework.   
  • Node.js Custom App Development

    Node.js Custom App Development

    Our developers are experts and experienced in customising websites and applications according to the industry's needs. They ensure to build scalable apps and websites with enhanced security and advanced features.
  • Enterprise Software Solutions

    Enterprise Software Solutions

    We are skilled in creating dedicated applications and websites for large-scale enterprise applications that are fast and reliable.
  • Node.js Consulting

    Node.js Consulting

    Whether your Node.js application is in the development stage or has been running in production, our team provides all types of Node.js—consulting services. Our packages are designed to provide the assistance you need to scale up. 
  • Version Migration

    Version Migration

    Our developers are experts in seamless and efficient migration and up-gradation of new and existing apps and websites in Node.js environment. 

Benefits of Choosing The Node.js Development

Our Node.js developers have expertise in Node.js and ES6 JavaScript. We are adept at crafting proficient cloud services, including EC2 Container Services, Lambda, S3, API Gateway, and more.

Benefits of Choosing The Node.js Development
processing of multiple requests

Node.js works on an event loop principle, enabling simultaneous processing of multiple requests. 

QA & security team support

It supports the same codebase for both- server and client, thereby increasing convenience.

V8 engine

With a V8 engine, developers can create stable and high-performance applications with Node.js. 

Non-blocking forms

Non-blocking forms are executed faster, allowing the loop to continue.

Real-time bi-directional

Real-time bi-directional communication channel help improve latency resulting in use cases like VoIP, video conference, and more. 

time and effort

Node.js lets you create easy-to-use modules, saving developers a lot of time and effort. 

Hire Expert Node.js Developers - For Web Or Mobile Apps

Hire Node.js Developers on a full-time, hourly, or fixed cost project basis and manage them as your extended team.

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Technologies We Use In Node.js Development

For the variety of projects that we have delivered over the years, our team of Node.js experts has relied on different technologies and tools. Want to know how we build our projects?

  • MongoDB


  • MySQL


  • PostgresSQL


  • Redis


  • Jenkins


  • Docker


  • AWS Lambda

    AWS Lambda

  • Azure Functions

    Azure Functions

  • nginx


  • AWS Kinesis 

    AWS Kinesis 

  • pm2


  • Azure Devops

    Azure Devops

  • GraphQL


  • Hapi


  • RabbitMQ


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