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Hire Flutter developers from Ficode to build visually appealing, intuitive, user-friendly and scalable mobile applications. Our Flutter developers possess in-depth knowledge of Flutter Framework and extensive experience in working with RESTful APIs and SOLID principles.

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Top-rated Flutter Development Company

We are one of the top-rated software development companies, equipped with an extensive team of experts dedicated to building and deploying apps for IOS, Web, Android and Desktop. With the deep knowledge of Flutter's powerful UI toolkit and cross-platform capabilities, our Flutter developers bring optimal performance, seamless user experience, and pixel-perfect design to your apps maintaining a native look and feel.

Top-rated Flutter Development Company

Services We offer as Your Best Flutter Development Company

Our expert Flutter developers are pioneers and have expertise in delivering result-oriented services to fulfil your industry requirements. Hire our experienced Flutter app developers to create enterprise-grade mobile apps.

  • App maintenance and Support

    Flutter Uses Dart Programming

    Flutter uses Dart programming language for quick execution, easy rendering, and swift complications to build native apps. With the support of various Flutter libraries, widgets developed using Dart ensure high-performing mobile applications.
  • UI/UX

    UI/UX Designing

    Our developers have extensive experience in developing visually appealing and customisable interfaces for Flutter apps. They focus on providing a positive user experience (UX) and intuitive navigation.
  • Flutter for Web Development

    Flutter for Web Development

    Do away with separate applications for desktop uses. We can create app for a wider audience with less time and money.
  • Cross-platform App Development

    Cross-platform App Development

    Hire our Flutter developers to design and develop Flutter apps using Flutter code libraries. Our developers have comprehensive experience in building applications that are cross-platform and scalable.
  • flutter

    Flutter Widget Customisation

    Flutter comes with an impressive array of UI widget libraries that can be easily customised, and our developers possess the expertise to effectively use and customise them.
  • Flutter Native App Development

    Flutter Native App Development

    Flutter offers an advanced native app development experience to get the feel of a native application. Our Flutter mobile app developers secure and scalable apps to run seamlessly across various platforms.
  • App maintenance and Support

    App maintenance and Support

    We are not just limited to offering development solutions. We also take pride in offering support and maintenance on a regular basis for your project. Whether it’s a security update or bug fixes, our dedicated team of developers are there to help.
  • App maintenance and Support

    App Upgrade and Migration

    We can help you migrate and upgrade your Android and iOS app development using flutter’s codebase and tools built by Google. Our developers can migrate your application to the latest version or from another framework/code to Flutter framework easily.

Benefits of choosing Flutter Developers from Ficode

We have experienced developers who are well-versed in the Flutter framework. This expertise ensures that your app is developed using best practises and takes advantage of Flutter's capabilities.

App maintenance and Support
cross-platform capabilities

Flutter is known for its cross-platform capabilities. A proficient Flutter development company like Ficode can create a single codebase that works seamlessly on both iOS and Android platforms, saving time and resources.

Flutter app developers

Our Flutter app developers can tailor the app's design and features to meet your specific requirements. This level of customisation can help your app stand out in a competitive market.

app up to date

Our developers offer ongoing maintenance and support to address any issues that may arise after the app is launched. This ensures the app remains functional and up to date.


We provide complete confidentiality with a signed NDA and complete code ownership.

migration of Flutter apps

Our developers ensure seamless and easy migration of Flutter apps.

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Technologies We Use in Our Flutter Development Process

We have top-of-the-line experts working with the latest tools, technologies, frameworks, and components like Python + Django/ ReactJS/ Angular/ Flask/ Falcon/ MongoDB/ AWS to build scalable web architectures. 

  • Flutter


  • Dart


  • FlutterProvider

    Flutter Widgets

  • FlutterProvider

    Flutter Provider

  • GetX


  • BloC


  • Firebase


  • SQlite


  • Androied studio

    Android Studio

  • Wireframe


  • Figma


  • AdobeXD

    Adobe XD

  • Jira


  • Asana


  • Trello


  • Github


  • BitBucket


  • Gitlab


  • PlayStore

    Play Store

  • Apple App store

    App Store

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