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Leverage Ficode’s web development expertise for your business


Today, web development is the optimized integration of robust coding, user-friendly design, intuitive layout and appropriate technology. As a UK based professional custom web development company, we understand websites from every dimension and in the finest of details. Visitors get the same high-quality experience no matter what the browser, –Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, or iOS – and no matter what the device – table-top, mobile or tablet. Our stream-lined designs help your websites stand out in the internet jungle. Our work happens at the point of concurrence of design, technology, business, social media and digital marketing hooks.



Your startup is one of a kind, a unique solution to a problem that was either ignored or under-solved till date. And you most certainly deserve a professional web development company that pays painstaking attention to take your concept from ideation to prototyping to execution. As your solution-provider, we proudly go the extra mile.

With us, your web presence

  • Takes the customer-first approach. The web solution becomes a lot more friendly and engaging.
  • Helps you reach out to more prospects. We remove the headaches of web-solutions.
  • Understands the trends of technology. Benefit from our mobile app development services to stay ahead.
  • Leaves nothing unattended. Our grid-based fluid percentage designs remove concerns of screen size.
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Web solutions that exceed your expectations


Smart Coding

We write code that has you covered. Our coding standards are demanding because we understand every line of redundant code negatively impacts site performance. The coding behind the websites we create passes through countless testing levels before being integrated in the code base.   The end-result is a user-experience that remains unfailingly smooth.

Delivering Results

We deliver websites that are robust, elegant and bug-free. We take a lot of pains in understanding stuff, so your website produces increased engagement with visitors to your website. We also offer complete SEO and digital marketing support. All because we strive to deliver measurable results, along with beautiful designs.

Deadline Conscious

Over time we’ve developed internal systems that accurately optimize project times and keep us on the top of things. Every stage of the entire process is benchmarked and diligently executed. As the outstanding web development company in London, we take all deadlines very, very seriously and honor commitments.

Continued Support

Your website launch is an important milestone for us, but it’s not the end of the project. We fully understand you’ll need support to tweak a thing or two after the website goes live. We’ll be around to keep improving the overall experience. Our 360-degree support helps you from tech to marketing and pretty much everything else.

Website application development that means business

  • Neat and attractive. Our solutions create faster, better-performing websites.
  • Establish authority. Our bespoke designs help build you a stronger brand.
  • Deeper engagement. Users get a smooth, secure browsing experience.
  • Effortless control. You get an easy-to-use powerful admin panel.
  • Better bonding. The layout is warm, friendly and welcoming.
  • Practically zero downs. We targeting and achieve 99.9% uptime.
  • Value for money. Ours is a cost-effective web solution.
  • Everything covered. You get end-to-end web development services.
  • Intelligently aesthetic. The solution is built as per latest trends.
  • Business savvy. We architecture the site to suite your business needs.

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