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Our development expertise is in developing and integrating APIs with either different platform of the same application or third-party platforms

Scale Your Application with bespoke API development and integration services

Ficode can help you to scale your application functionalities by integrating bespoke 3rd party API's keeping aspects of secure API development. Ficode is a trusted bespoke development partner in the UK for custom API development and API integration services. We always build a secure and reliable API interface that is good in performance and follow security standards as per industry.

Ficode uses the SOAP/ REST API methods by using different programming languages. Our recommendations for API management and API integration solutions are developed based on rigorous analysis, taking into account code, processes, security and architecture that will meet all your business needs. We have developed several scalable systems with high transactions rate. The systems are backed by Microservices, REST APIs, Messaging Queues, API Gateways, Load balancers, Circuit breakers. The systems are distributed over multiple nodes containerized using Docker and orchestration by Kubernetes to maintain the system availability.

Ficode is a UK based API development company providing top-quality and secure API development and API integration services. APIs have fundamentally changed how software applications are designed and architected. API brings completely new dimensions to the architects while creating the system. This helps in enhancing the customer experience, service and growth of your business. If you like to discuss more how API can boost the functionalities of your application, then get in touch with us. Our expert team would love to work with you on this journey.

Third-party API Integration

Ficode can Integrate bespoke web and mobile application with any third party API providers such as Google REST interface, Facebook API’s, Amazon API’s, SMS gateways, AWS lambda, Payment gateways, Travel APIs, Shipping API, Amazon Market Place APIs, Amazon Web Services APIs, Hotel booking API, True layer API, Shiftipro API, Net2 access control to provide additional functionality.

Bespoke REST API development

We can develop a bespoke REST API interface to integrate with the applications in all the languages such as PHP, JAVA, Python, Node JS, ASP.NET, Spring, Python, Rails, Golang, etc. as per the project requirements. Ficode has years of experience in custom REST API development and integration with 3rd party API providers.

Micro services development Services

We follow the Micro Services Architecture Development solution to provide scalable Microservices development services which are easy to deploy and debug in the development phase. We have designed Microservices with the concept of Event-Driven Model which provides more security to the application without disturbing the complete application functionalities.

API as a service

We have developed web APIs and API as a Service (APIaaS). We use protocols including HTTP/HTTPS, XML, XHTML, JSON, Java, SOAP, EDI, AJAX, TCP/IP for REST API development. We have used Docker containers and HTTP/SOAP interfaces for executing API-based micro-services with custom business logic.

API for new Mobile App Development

API for Web Development

Legacy App Development

Third Party API Integration services

Cloud API Development and Customization

We Adopt Modern fuel, Cutting-Edge Technologies that Fuel our API development and API Integration services

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