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Our Remote Hiring service helps small and medium sized companies to hire a highly skilled, full-time dedicated IT resource for as low as $15 per hour. We help our clients to extend their office and engage their employees who work remotely. Ficode takes responsibility of client’s information and data security, and ensures that clients get the best resource. Thus, our clients are involved in the interview and selection process to hire an employee of their choice. It is likely that your company is already trying to fill new job positions for tasks that can be conducted remotely and can easily be done by providing a computer, telephone and internet connection on a particular project. We offer our infrastructure and resources to hire your own long-term permanent skilled resource(s) in our office in order to maximize your business returns. We work closely with our clients to help them compete with large companies who are already taking the advantage of remote hiring benefits to reduce the resource cost.

Our operation manager checks your employee’s performance, productivity and commitment. In a way, we act as ‘eyes and ears’ of our clients and look after day-to-day operational aspects, whereas our clients are involved in functional aspects and work closely with their own resources to finish their project deliverables.


  • Pay as low as $15 per hour to hire an employee from fresh-skilled pool and save approximately 50 – 60% of the cost
  • Many small and mid- size organizations have innovative ideas but have limited financial resources to get low cost labour benefits in countries such as India
  • No need of infrastructure or extra human resource cost to set up a remote business
  • No worry about paying salary, insurance, retirement planning, child care, etc.
  • No Administrative, Financials and HR related hassles
  • You can share work load to your remote employee and focus on building business strategy
  • Flexibility to choose your own working shift to improve efficiency

Boost your business with remote hiring


Remote hiring has a number of aspect. When it comes to your business,  you might think it for a while that why you should go for remote hiring at first place. Talking about the benefits of remote hiring, it can help boost your business in a number of ways. There are several convincing reasons that will compel you to opt for remote hiring. Remote hiring improves productivity and boosts your business. Here let’s discuss the simplest ways it help boost your business.

Workers Feel Connected

Workers put more efforts in their work when they feel connected to the organization. When they can communicate with the office team,  they feel more responsible and tend to give more to the work. There free to work from wherever they want and are still connected, they tend to be more loyal towards your work.

Saves you Money

Remote hiring helps you save a lot of money. There are a lot expenses on the list when you have a physical place for workers. There is supposed to be building, furniture and rest stuffs. When the workers work from, you don’t have to worry about it. Also, it reduces the call ins. Sick leaves and other leaves become rare.

More Productive

The workers become more productive. Well,  this is something what a surgery says. In a recent Global Workplace Analytics survey, 53 percent of remote workers stated they were likely to work overtime. On the other hand, only 28 percent of their in-office counterparts suggested they would do the same.

Global Talent

This is the biggest benefit of remote hiring. You have access to global talent. When it comes to the selection of an employee for your business, you are not bound geographically. You are hiring from different places and therefore you have access to different talents, that might not be there around your physical office.

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