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Sell more with our Ecommerce Development Services


Ecommerce is all about of ease-of-use, payment security and an amazing experience. Our expertise can assist you in exploiting online opportunities. We can help your business accelerate, no matter at what stage of the transformation you are. May be you are contemplating a new website, planning to revamp an existing one, or thinking of improving one with underutilized potential. Ficode, the leading ecommerce development company based in UK, is fully equipped to provide you a single-window service for all your needs, from design and technology to SEO and secure payment integrations.

Specialized Ecommerce solutions


All businesses are unique. Each business must develop a unique strategy to grow. As a major ecommerce development company London, we have helped numerous businesses with our expertise across leading platforms like WooCommerce, Magento and Drupal. We can definitely help you succeed. From the smallest of details to the most complex technology designs and implementations, with us you get more.

We cover everything.

  • Stunning Display. Your digital store must showcase better, help visitors choose easily and provide upselling opportunities.
  • Actionable innovation. We help powerfully strategize wish lists, abandoned carts, digital cataloging and a lot more.
  • Unmatched experience. Let our capability help you build a great layout to produce a pleasant, secure experience.
  • Affordable excellence. From bespoke development to remote hiring, we are trusted for providing big value for money.

Ecommerce to accelerate into the big league


High quality responsive website

To provide a uniform and consistent experience to users, your website should be fully responsive. A design that responds to and adjusts with the user’s choice of platform, orientation, screen size, device and so on. We build flexible, responsive websites that ‘sense’ the user’s choices and provide an optimized experience.

Full-spectrum Marketing Support

Amazing graphics is only half the story – the other half is marketing. Our advanced understanding of digital marketing practices that includes SEO, PPC, Google AdWords and social media marketing is a class apart. We ensure you remain prominently displayed by search engines like Google and Bing.

User Interface that helps sell more

A great interface is the one that allows the user to complete a task in the easiest manner yet hooks her to stay on and keep browsing for more. Part marketing, part psychology, part technology, a great interface that helps you sell more is a bit of all this. We use our expertise to keep the user riveted to your site – profitably.

Payment and Partner Integrations

Ease of purchasing brings users to your site, but it’s the security of payment that strengthens their trust in you. We implement end-to-end security integrations to keep your users trusting you. Additionally, we put in place your partner/supplier integrations to make sure your website provides connectivity to your partners as well.

Better ecommerce websites for better business

  • We understand digital marketing deep enough to produce positive results.
  • We integrate secured financial transactions that help your visitors trust you.
  • Our strong sense of design inspires trust and builds long-term brand value.
  • You get customer-friendly layouts that make visitors’ experience a pleasant one.
  • Your site benefits from the extremely easy navigation we carve out.
  • We get your visitors a richer experience that builds customer loyalty
  • Our pleasant, minimalist design sets your site apart from others.
  • We pride ourselves in providing robust, cost-effective solutions to all projects.
  • Your site will enjoy an excellent product display, so critical for ecommerce.
  • Your site will be optimized to handle higher traffic volumes without crashing.

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