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A top bespoke software development company for your needs


When you are looking for a bespoke software development agency that can develop the right solution for you, a great deal of success rests on how well the agency understands your business in its entirety. The ideal agency is the one that has the right bandwidth to not only design the entire solution but also to ensure it runs bug-free in the environment you want the solution to operate in. An agency like Ficode, London’s leading bespoke software development company. We cut through complexities and provide simple, forward-looking, tailor-made solutions that actually work. We build solutions that speed up your processes and create business opportunities.



The right solution must be specific enough to take care of all your current needs, and flexible enough to incorporate your future requirements. To make this happen, the agency must grasp comprehensively your entire business and translate it into a solution, using the right tools. Ficode, one of the top bespoke software development agencies of UK, has helped a variety of business verticals.

Our Solutions

  • Always run smoothly. You get hiccup-free products that put your team way ahead of others.
  • Start functioning right away. Our solutions are swift and start performing from the word go.
  • Integrate seamlessly. It fits into your existing infrastructure so you don’t need to revamp everything.
  • Are secure. We insert all the measures required so that the solutions you get are well-protected.

Let a complete software take over


Designed to suit your needs

Our team of professionals has developed enough proficiency to create unique solutions. Our UK-based bespoke software development experts work with you to understand your business needs before going to the drawing board. That helps increase your business efficiency and improve customer service.

Engage across devices

With the rise in the number of handheld devices, it is critical that your solutions perform equally well across all of them. You can benefit from our ability to come up with designs that are friendly, responsive and dynamic. Our solutions are portable in the sense they excel consistently across a variety of devices.


Your web app needs to be elastic and quick if it has to perform optimally. User-friendly layouts, fast deployment, low on maintenance and focused output characterize the apps we design for you. Since they don’t have to be device-centered, web apps are becoming increasingly popular and productive.


No matter what your location, your currency or your specific parameters, our customized software will help you scale up and stay ahead in a more efficient and streamlined way. Our software is designed to work in sync with all your location-specific requirements, even while staying simple and secure.

Unique software for unique organizations

  • From startups to established business. We deliver based on your unique needs, so your organization stay on top of things.
  • Expertise to meet all software challenges. Our in-house team of software developers can pretty much tackle everything.
  • Basic to business-critical. The range of solutions we can create for you is comprehensive, literally from A to Z.
  • Trusted consistently. We’re so trusted by our clients many of them have been with us since we started out.
  • Serving different sectors. From automobile to packaged foods, we can serve across virtually all industries.
  • Nothing fragmented. Our flexible, connected solutions are woven into your existing software perfectly
  • Remaining with you. We are here to offer support long after the solution was designed and delivered.
  • Expandable as you grow. Our customized software are agile enough to grow as your organization grows.
  • Cost-effective solutions. With Ficode, you get value for money and the right expertise every time.
  • Tightly coded. Our demanding, stringent coding standards permit only tight, robust codes to enter your systems.

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