Workforce management system

A mobile app to bring manager, service engineer and end customer on the same platform.

Workforce management system effectively assigns and manages jobs of service engineers to be delivered to the end customers with the option to take their feedback, all on a real-time basis.


Project Overview

Workforce management system aims to fill the gap that comes due to real-time communication between business managers and service engineers, managers and the end customers when a job is initiated and a service engineer visits onsite.




Android,, MSSQL, jQuery, HTML, Bootstrap, Google API's
Workforce management system

Client Needs

Client came with an idea to design cloud-based, purpose-built, all-in-one application that allows field service businesses to manage their operations from any location in online and offline mode. Some of the key expectations client required from mobile app development team:

  • Tracking feature.
  • Manage engineers leaves, expenses.
  • Efficient job delegation and management.
  • Generate invoices for the customer.

Ficode Delivery

Since most of the application data were exciting in real-time, the app should be of zero-error grade so that the app syncs its data in online and offline mode. So as per the client requirements, we included the following:

  • We created a single interface where managers, service engineers, and customers can interact at one place, while at the same time jobs could be initiated, allocated, tracked and marked completed.
  • Engineer could be tracked on a real-time basis, based on their current location and status of the job. Offline Mode functionality and sync with server when there is GPS connection for all message and job status
  • Management of engineer and Supervisor is easily achieved through the live chat feature. Admin and service engineers can chat all that they want and stay updated on job status.
  • Drag and drop feature is included to assign jobs to engineers which makes this platform easy to use.
  • Invoices are generated online as soon as the task is complete without any hassle. Invoices can be paid partially or fully by the customer. These invoices are sent to the customer by email in PDF format.
  • Supervisor can manage engineer timeSheet on a weekly basis for every visit .

What about the delivery made the client happiest

This application improved the efficiency of the companies by tracking their engineers and manage their work, customers, invoices and earliest it was just a small idea but now its efficient product. The cloud application was completed in record time and approved as soon as showcased!

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