A website to track keywords on multiple search engine.

The website is aims to support continuous work of mainly the digital experts who have goals to meet that are related to taking their websites to certain ranking in a given time period.

Project Overview

Track-R came with an idea to sell ranking plan in the market at affordable price so that professionals can track ranking for multiple domain in just simple steps without any hassle. It works as a modular tool to track ranking of websites and reporting for professionals.




Cakephp, HTML, Bootstrap, Mysql, jQuery

Client Needs

For those with multiple websites with a need to keep a track of their rankings on a regular basis are the targeted customers for our client. So certain things were very clear, prime ones among them were the following:

  • A quick and optimised solutionwith multiple features focussing on tracking rankings based on different variables
  • Reporting made easy for sharing and analysis purposes
  • Distinctive authorisation
  • An easy-to-upgrade / downgrade feature for users implement on any ranking package as per their business requirement
  • Easy communication feature
  • Integrated Payment gateway that is both simple and swift and support taking recurring payment based on pre-selected monthly or annual plans

Ficode Delievery

A full-service website created thoughtfully to keep in mind the needs of the business parties: the rank tracking service provider and the customer. The website we created has the following features:

  • We designed the website to track keywords by selecting multiple search engines, locations
  • Ranking reports could be sent to the customers on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in PDF format using CSB Export which is data export functionality.
  • Layers of role authorization are added.
  • User can add multiple domains and keywords and manage them.
  • The chat feature was inevitably added to facilitate easy communication using a module.
  • Implement reoccurring payment system of Stripe and Paypal for monthly plan.
  • Admin panel to track payment status, manage users, manage payment plans.

What about the delivery made the client happiest

Developing bespoke website is often a challenge especially when it’s about understanding what client needs just as he intends and not what we want to. This is the exact point that differentiated us from our many competitors when it came to handing over the project well accomplished that too on time and in the budget client wanted.

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