An online platform for advertisers who need influencers to promote their campaigns

To look for a social media influencer that fits unique brand marketing plans, communicate and negotiate with him/her is what this website is all about.

Project Overview

Spoortify is designed to facilitate establishing connection between an advertiser and influencers and their support manager. Advertiser could be anyone with a marketing campaign comprising one or more ads to be promoted and marketedby appropriate influencers (or their support managers). Influencers are the people who have a certain hold over other people (who follow them on the social media) for their thoughts, expertise or popularity often for the right reasons.




Cakephp, HTML, Bootstrap, Mysql, jQuery, Instagram Api

Client Needs

Client had some idea as to what the website should really do but the clarity came only when the project started taking shape. Some of the things client asked included:

  • Key features that make the website highly functional while the commercial model stays easy to understand and delivers the business.
  • A website that is scalable and easy to manage and maintain.
  • No need of expertise every time some information is to be uploaded.
  • Specific authorization for data management.

Ficode Delievery

With the kind of projects we have handled, we had understood few elements and had some abstract picture about the other points which client wanted in the site but was not really able to put that in words. What we did could be condensed in the following points:

  • Since client was very particular about not changing his brand image drastically as it was very closely linked to what they had do communicate in their services, we had little liberty. So we had to manage in what we had and yet come up with something unique.Client had given us the colour schema of his brand and reasons for the choice. We also had his then-current logo. We tweaked and experimented with the shades and combinations along with some not-so-noticeable-yet-appealing changes in the logo.
  • The features that would make the website a value for the advertiser and influencers included:
    Searching influencer by skill, country, language, price, CPM
    Chat functionality between admin and influencers.
    Creation of advertisement and preview advertisements before approvals by advertisers.
    Stripe payment integration to pay for campaign booking
    Supported in 2 languages English and German

  • Since the client wanted to manage the site with minimal support from outside, we created the site with an inbuilt CMS and current best practice for optimisation. The CMS gave more control to admin staff and also to be functional across all the platforms.
  • Currently, we have 5 types of users in this application – Super admin, support admin, advertiser, influencer and support manager. Also, in this application all the data is managed by the Super so this application is quite scalable and easy to use. Whole data could be managed within application in just few clicks without requiring specific expertise in designing and development.

What about the delivery made the client happiest

We produced a functional and scalable website with a full end-to-end service that can cover design, development, optimisation, technical support and training. The application has complex functionality but still it is very easy to use, making the commercial model a success for both the involved parties.

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