Project description

The website is a one-stop shop for couples to plan for their date night in multiple ways and finalize their intentions: hotels, theatres, restaurants, and bars.


  • Cakephp 3.0
  • Mysql
  • jQuery
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap 4.0

What client wanted:

  • A scalable and functional website
  • Easily accessible to the visitors to the site
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  • The website to easily accommodate any growth and development plans in the future
  • Complete content management from admin panel controlled by the client himself
  • Control of seat plan (to make reservations), users, payments, theatres list, hotel list, images, static content and everything which is visible to the user In short, a scalable admin panel
  • A user-friendly platform
  • A highly personalized and comfortable experience for the users
  • Bookings and reservations to be accomplished smoothly
  • Users to easily share their date night experience as well as experience with the site over email and social media
  • Encourage others to experience what the users of the website experienced for themselves

What Ficode Delivered:

  • Full end-to-end service for support and optimization of their site
  • Web Design, Development, Technical Support, Hosting and User Training
  • Live website in a few months
  • No contract or ongoing obligation
  • A website built to specific needs
  • A completed project with no significant cost
  • Sophisticated API integration where needed
  • Ingresso API for theatres, Hotelspro API for hotels booking, Bookatable API for restaurants booking, Google places API to show locations, Google maps API to show maps, Google API for bars list, First Data Payment Gateway
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