A multifaceted website with numerous functionalities, an efficient date planner assistant

Highly convenient to use for the visitor, website design focuses on eliminating bounce-rate and making it social-share-friendly for satisfied customers to easily share their experience to enhance word-of-mouth and encourage others.

Project Overview

The idea behind creating MyDateNight was to make life easy for the couples to plan their date-nights. The website allows them to plan and make reservations for theatre, hotels, restaurants in one place, a comfort not easily found. It thus acts as a one-stop-shop for couples to plan for their date night in multiple ways and finalise their intentions: hotels, theatres, restaurants and bars.


Cakephp, HTML, Bootstrap, Mysql, jQuery, REST API(Google Api’s, Hotelspro Api’s, Ingresso Api’s, Bookatable Api’s)


Client Needs

Things about the website, client was very clear, included:

  • Scope of scalability to support an increase in volume in business over time.
  • Easy visitor accessibility of the website, highly personalized and smooth user experience.
  • Complete control over content management through admin panel.
  • Control of seat plan (to make reservations), users, payments, theatres list, hotel list, images, static content and everything which is visible to the user.
  • Ability to share the experience on social media and encourage others to use the website to create something similar mydatenight plan for them.


Ficode Delivery

We were able to deliver the expected and then some little more. Since all the services are user-related, convenience, intuitive navigation, smooth reservation process, seamless integration with the partner businesses was an absolute must. And all of this was to be supported by the design element. What was of prior importance was to offer a full end-to-end service for support and optimisation of their site. Following is the way we achieved it.

  • We developed the site in a way the more business partners and services could be added to it in future without requiring much design tweak.
  • Sophisticated APIs were integrated into the website to make it highly functional and feature-filled for the visitor. Users could choose among the many things by booking to take up on a date night and complete the booking process without any hassle.
  • Admin Panel had to be the most important place to watch and conduct the transactions. All the frontend data are to be managed from here and so are to be the users, and see that they are able to make bookings without any hitch for their date night. Rather than developing a platform, the website has to offer an experience people would like to have more when they think of planning for their date night.
  • We provided everything from Web design development, Technical Support and Web Hosting to User Training so that they wouldn’t feel left alone once the project is accomplished.
  • The ability to socially share the experience (and provide a first-hand genuine review in the process) is to become the game-changer for their business.

What about the delivery made the client happiest

More than just a reservation or booking platform, Mydatenight is created to deliver an experience for one of the most important moments in the life of the visitors. We offered full end-to-end service for support and optimisation of their site while serving highly customised needs under focussed budget. Our client was free to select among the services they required without a contract or any on-going obligation. It took us very little time, a few months, in fact, to accomplish the project, but the end product was incredible and meet the client’s expectations.

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