Orelia, a well-established online eCommerce jewellery platform, has long been a trusted source for a wide range of high-quality Men and Women's accessories crafted from materials such as Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold. Serving both retail and wholesale customers, Orelia had a strong foothold in the retail segment. However, a significant operational gap existed, as there was no efficient online platform to manage their wholesale clientele.




Web Development


Node.js, Express.js, React.js, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
Orellia Online Ecommerce Jewellery Platform

Problem Statement

Orelia needed an order management system to connect their existing inventory, customer, and management platform with JOOR, a prominent online B2B Wholesale Marketplace. This integration was important to synchronise products, customer data, and orders between these two platforms.

Key components of the solution included

Middleware System Middleware System

At the core of this integration, the Middleware system was responsible for periodically synchronising inventory, stock, orders, and customer data between the two platforms. This streamlining enhanced operational efficiency, reduced manual efforts, and lowered operational costs. 

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Graphical User Interface (GUI)

To empower Orelia with oversight and control, a user-friendly web interface was created on top of the Middleware system. This GUI allowed Orelia to monitor and review ongoing sync processes between the two systems, improving decision-making, customer satisfaction, and overall productivity. 

Logging and Error Handling Logging and Error Handling

The Middleware system was equipped with robust logging capabilities, ensuring the capture of all events and errors during the synchronisation process. This facilitated quick issue resolution, minimised downtime, and fostered trust by maintaining consistent service delivery. 

The Solution

After an in-depth analysis of both the Unleashed and JOOR platforms and exploring various integration methods, our team suggested: the development of a Middleware system.

This Middleware system, complete with its own database, was designed to facilitate the integration of REST APIs from the Unleashed and JOOR platforms.

Key components of the solution included

Lessons Learnt 

While developing the Middleware system, several challenges were encountered, including

Platform Compatibility

Ensuring seamless integration between two distinct platforms, Unleashed and JOOR, presented technical complexities that needed to be navigated effectively. 

Platform Compatibility

Error Handling

The Middleware system needed to be highly resilient, capable of handling errors gracefully, and logging them for review and resolution. 

Error Handling
Data Synchronisation

Data Synchronisation

Synchronising a large volume of data, including inventory, orders, and customer information, required a lot of planning and an efficient data transfer mechanism.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

Providing real-time visibility into the sync processes while maintaining system performance requires a sophisticated monitoring solution.

Team of Experts 

This transformative project was led by a dedicated team of 5 experts, each a specialist in their respective fields, including backend development, frontend design, database management, and system architecture. Their collective expertise and experience in web development system ensured the successful execution of this complex project. 

Team of Experts

Benefits to Business 

The implementation of this Middleware system brought about significant benefits for Orelia

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