Henry Charles

An bespoke designed store to sell handbags

henry chrles

Project Overview

A fully responsive portal with the unique features of Shopify which incorporates advanced filtering
options, category landing pages, attractive menus, a fast checkout integration, as well as bespoke design




Shopify, HTML, CSS
Henry Charles


Client Needs

Some direct instructions for website design and development included:

  • Enhance the website design element to match it up with the brand image.
  • A brand website which represents the designer handbags in more broader way while
    communicating to the users for more engagement rate


Ficode Delivery

Ficode being very detail-oriented assessed every aspect that could gain from polishing and fine-tuning.
We worked our wonders on the following areas of the website:

  • A responsive website development which gives ease to customers to buy the products irrespective of the
    browser or platform.
  • Customised graphic and animated images which improve user engagement.
  • Integrated discount coupons functionality which has improved sales of the products.
  • Social sharing feature in the products to promote products on the social media.
  • We developed the website to let visitors and potential buyers to know about their purchases,
    customization and any aspect they want the company to address regarding product or post-
    sales services.

What about the delivery made the client happiest

The final website came out to be a better deal for customer as it had generated good amount of sales
which has given their brand a boom in sales. Timely delivery, frill-less design element and brand
communication worked in our favour.

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