In response to the critical issue of patients managing long-term conditions (LTCs), a group of individuals came together to revolutionise healthcare. Their vision was to empower patients through a user-centric healthcare mobile app that redefined patient-reported outcome measures. Ficode, renowned for its technological expertise, was chosen to bring this vision to life.




Python FastAPIsReactJS, Redux, Flutter with Dart, Azure WebApp, CI/CD Pipelines, Azure App Store
tailored self care application for long-term conditions

Problem Statement

Patients were facing challenges in managing LTCs effectively. The solution involved creating a self-care companion like healthcare moblie apps for patients that collected symptom feedback, scored responses against medical standards, and provided personalised guidance for improvement. Ficode's task was to develop an interactive and user-friendly custom mobile app development for both Android and iOS platforms.

The Solution

The resulting application offered a range of features

LTC Tracking LTC Tracking

Feedback Scoring Feedback Scoring

Customised Self-Care Plans Customised Self-Care Plans

Community Support Community Support

Symptom Recording Symptom Recording

Gamification and Rewards Gamification and Rewards

Interactive UI Interactive UI

Problem statement
How we helped

How we Helped

The development journey was full of challenges such as scoring algorithm knowledge, budget constraints, security of patient records, maintaining a generic dataset, and GDPR compliance. But, collaboration with the team of Mi Intelligent Health Limited specialists, rigorous research, and efficient resource allocation became the key to overcome them.


By addressing the critical need for patient centric LTC management, the platform empowered patients to take control of their health. Simultaneously, it opened revenue streams and provided valuable data resources for healthcare professionals and researchers.

For the Business

Supportive community creation Supportive community creation

Market expansion and increased reach Market expansion and increased reach

Opportunities for medical research Opportunities for medical research

Enhanced brand reputation Enhanced brand reputation

Revenue generation through subscription-based plans Revenue generation through subscription-based plans

Improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs Improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs

Innovation and competitive edge Innovation and competitive edge

For Patients

Better understanding of conditions Better understanding of conditions

Identification of triggers or warning signs Identification of triggers or warning signs

Proactive prevention of exacerbations Proactive prevention of exacerbations

Adherence to medication regimens Adherence to medication regimens

Monitoring vital signs Monitoring vital signs

Incorporation of healthy habits Incorporation of healthy habits

Avoidance of known triggers Avoidance of known triggers

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