Etool Learning is a pioneering force in K5 mathematics education, addressing the evolving landscape of modern teaching and learning. Focused on engaging young learners in an interactive and gamified educational experience, Elearning tool aims to foster a strong understanding of mathematical concepts while ensuring accessibility and embracing digitalisation.




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Node.js, Express.js, Flutter, Apache Kafka, OAuth 2.0
K5 mathematics education


Increase in student engagement and comprehension.


Increase in student engagement and comprehension.

4.9/5 User Satisfaction


User satisfaction rating from educators, students, and parents.

Accessibility standards compliance (WCAG 2.1) was rigorously met

Accessibility standards compliance (WCAG 2.1) was rigorously met

Cost Effective

Digitalisation efforts resulted in a cost-effective

Sarah-Elementary School Teacher

Etool Learning's innovative approach to math education has transformed the way we teach and learn mathematics. It's a game-changer!

Sarah Elementary School Teacher

Project Description

Etool Learning recognised the challenges faced by traditional teaching methods in engaging K5 students effectively and sought to revolutionize math education. The approach involved infusing gamification, interactivity, accessibility, and digitalisation into the learning experience.

The Result

Etool Learning's solution incorporates

Cross-Platform Compatibility Cross-Platform Compatibility

Our eLearning software seamlessly operates on both desktop and tablet devices, ensuring a consistent and accessible learning experience for young students.

Gamification Gamification

We've integrated interactive quizzes, challenges, and rewards to make mathematics learning enjoyable and motivating for students, increasing engagement and retention.

Interactivity Interactivity

It offers 38 distinct interactive tools and activities, including 3D and 2D drawings, compasses, protractors, rulers, games, measurements, and more, empowering students to actively engage with mathematical concepts.

Accessibility Accessibility (A11y)

The platform adheres to WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards, featuring text-to-speech, image alt text, and keyboard navigation to ensure inclusivity for students of all abilities.

Digitalisation Digitalisation

Our elearning software enables students to access math lessons and interactive exercises from their devices, reducing the environmental impact and eliminating the need for costly traditional textbooks.

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