Bespoke Application For Instant Personal Loan.

An interactive and trustworthy mobile app which is highly secure, personalized, and user-friendly for users who are looking for immediate credits

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Project Overview

Appcash is a complete solution to share bank credit scores with your friends and family. With an authentic bank link system, it provides a way for the users to get your bank account history and then calculate and share the credit score with your friends and family when they require credits help.




Angular, Java, Microservices, Spring Boot, AWS, React Native, MySQL
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Client Needs

  • A interactive app to connect with your bank accounts and show bank account history
  • A credit score calculated based on the account history
  • A secure, user friendly application but quick to help users to get instant credits and extend the credits limits if required
  • Loan functionality should be scalable and compliance with EU and local Government laws.


Ficode Delivery

  • Implementation of micro services architecture.
  • The Appcash Mobile Application adopted a very interactive UI, with a tinder-like swipe functionality to make the app fun to use so that user can easily navigate between different screens.
  • Implement third party PSD2 API to get link banks and get required banking information.
  • Implement API to verify IBAN to link user’s bank
  • The application was designed in a Hybrid platform so that it’s cost-effective for the customer.
  • We have to make sure that all transactions that take place through the app remain secure through data encryption.
  • An admin platform to see real-time application data so that the admin can resolve user’s queries if required. Also can manage complete static data and variables value which gives freedom to the admin.

What about the delivery made the client happiest

A bespoke application in which quality, reliability, and security are dispatched seamlessly and final product is easy to use for the customers.

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