A nice product showcased in a website to specifically market and sell for itself


Project Overview

The website needed to be developed as a niche eCommerce website, that showcased the product in its various forms and made it stand out and sell.




Woocommerce, HTML, Bootstrap, PHP, Mysql, jQuery

Client Needs

Since the product is of niche quality, the marketing was its one of many concerns. It also wanted to strengthen its branding aspect through the site. So, the client wanted:

  • A website that sells the products by itself, a shop showcasing all the available products
  • An admin panel that’s easily manageable at the client’s end.
  • Being Mobile and SEO friendly to promote it to its prospective clients over the virtual world.
  • A fully functional and convenient CMS to publish content showcasing the subject matter prowess and industry expertise. Again, creating a solid brand image is at the foundation of this requirement.
  • Buyer’s journey with the company: the products viewed, purchased, services taken, and anything that concerns both or either of the parties.

Ficode Delivery

We came up with the following solutions to make the website as client imagined it to be:

  • A bespoke store designed and developed for the customer to sell products.
  • The slider is customised and completely managed by admin.
  • Bespoke login functionality to login as customer and see products purchase history.

What about the delivery made the client happiest

The site created is highly optimised, responsive to any gadget size it is open in. The high quality design is sure to attract it buyers and keep their customers happy. All the filters are created on bespoke basis. It also covers all the essential ecommerce attributes to make it stand out and sell more.

Memberships / Affiliations