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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, the client will be the owner of all the content and code of the program. Its client’s property, we just develop a great program.

Yes, we write quality code. We keep in mind while writing the program what all is possible in future. We always believe in and write flexible and scalable code.

No, we always make sure that we don’t violate any copyright issues. We inform client ASAP we purchase any license which is used in the program. If the client agrees then we go ahead.

Our development processes are very robust. We have coding guidelines and conventions which are followed strictly. All developers and architectures make sure during development phase that code is properly commented and documented. We provide complete documentation at the completion of project.

We follow either Agile(preferentially) or waterfall software model in our development. There are separate teams for manual, automation, white box, load testing (depending on what is the requirement) which test the software thoroughly. We have bug tracking software (can be shared with clients) to track all the bugs in software.


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