Why Outsourcing???


IS outsourcing good??? Should we outsource our product Or Not? What will happen to the IP? Will it be protected? Will product be delivered? How to communicate? How requirements will be delivered? Will we actually save money? Will the outsource partner be reliable?

These are the questions many companies from startup to big names face in some time or the other. The answers to these questions are not easy. Wrong step can be a disaster for companies. Decision has to be taken very carefully with through understanding of pros and cons of Outsourcing. Every project is not meant to be outsourced.

I have more than 15 years of experience and have worked mainly in product based companies. I closely experience the way outsourced companies work. I have worked in India for 6 years and now working in UK. I have worked in various technologies on different sizes of teams and products in my career. I will share you my experience and knowledge about outsourcing and then the reason to start Ficode.

What are the pros and cons of outsourcing? Let’s discuss those.

Money Saving: The biggest advantage of outsourcing is cost cutting. Critics say that there are lots of hidden costs in outsourcing and total cost would be much higher finally. Hiring a $100 per hr person will deliver more than what $20 per hr guy from outsourced company can do in 5 hr. This is completely wrong and away from facts. Developers are not commodities that all are same. NO. Every developer is different from each other. Every developer thinks at a different level. Sometimes $20 guy does more work than $100 guy in an hr. So why company wants to spend $100 per hr on every developer. A project needs mix of senior and junior people. For small projects, it saves a big money. In these stuff economic times, everybody wants to save money for the survival.

Time saving and quick deliveries: Every outsourced company has an expertise in some or the other areas. Outsourcing companies can put extra resources to deliver the project which is not possible if it develops in house. So, when you want to deliver a project quickly then out sourcing saves you. It does not mean, you find an out sourcing partner when you already have some delays in your project and hiring an outsourced company to cover that time up. No, it may further delay your project. So, Always find a outsource partner at beginning not at the end.

Flexibilities & Risk Mitigation: Outsourcing gives you a flexibility to hire people from very short term to long term. If outsourced company does not perform well or as expected then contract can any be broken. If particular guy is not performing then that can easily be replaced. You can interview the resources you are going to hire to check the technical and other skills require to complete the project. This is totally opposite to hiring people for in-house development. It’s a long process first to hire a guy like advertise the job, interviews, pay to recruitment agencies etc. And then if guy is not good then it’s again stuff and sometimes impossible to get rid of that people. Moreover, it’s an open secret that hiring contractors again an expensive.

Expertise: Every outsourced company has an expertise in some or the other area. Sometimes, these expertise are not available in house and its very expensive and time consuming to get them sometimes only for one project or so.

Communication Not A Problem: Critics always say that there is always a communication gap between on and off shore people. I disagree with this completely. This theory may be correct 15-20 years ago but these days, technology made is world so small and easily reachable. Everybody knows English these days and there are numerous ways to communicate. You don’t feel like talking to off shore these day. Moreover, travelling is so normal and cheap these days that even face to face meeting can be done easily anytime if require.

Having said all above, you have to weight in all the scenarios while opting for outsourcing. There are mix of good and bad out sourcing companies as happens in all spheres of life. You should put legal things in place to cover all the eventualities. If possible while deciding to pick a outsource partner, you should give preference to companies which have office in your country so that you can legally sign all the documents and cover if product is not delivered on time.
That’s I started Ficode Technologies in UK and subsequently in Europe so that I can provide best service to my clients across Europe. As I said above, Outsourcing can be scary prospect for some people when dealing with foreign companies. It is quite obvious and wise to think how your IP will be protected, how can you trust a foreign company, if something goes wrong etc. When dealing with Ficode, our clients can forgot these problem. We guard our client’s intellectual Properties like it’s our own.

Ficode technologies have office in UK to help our clients to benefit from the security of dealing with a UK company, while gaining the price advantages of overseas workers. We are committed to deliver products with highest quality to all the clients and help them all the way in today’s constantly changing challenging world. Speed is irrelevant if quality is not there. We offer a platform to give customer the most appropriate solution to achieve his goals. This in turn leads to a win-win situation for all the parties involved.

We would happy to talk to you to discuss your requirements. If you have query, email us at info@ficode.com.

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