Understanding and Know the Onsite Staff Behaviours

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Employees now work in multiple shifts dependent on industry and this has been the biggest shift in productivity. However, with an ever-evolving market environment and digitisation, there is a need for technical systems that aid this process.

Is your business facing challenges in knowing where employees are during working hours? Do you want to automate your business processes so you can track productivity? If this is your major concern at the moment, then read on.

Investing in bespoke software development for your company can be an essential tool for the management team to evaluate employee productivity. So, trust the talented UK app developers and get the scalable app developed to scale your business operations.

Here are some of the great features of a custom mobile app:

1. Location tracking

This feature will allow managers to pinpoint employee location in real-time from their mobiles and is great for organisations that have staff out in multiple locations who need an application that works in offline mode. If employees don’t have internet access, they can still be located.

The app will give detailed insight on performance during the day including tasks or jobs undertaken.

2. Performance tracking

With a dedicated mobile app for your employee monitoring, performance tracking is key for future evaluation. Apps should include elements such as simplified reports and informational graphs in an easily accessible dashboard that will help you evaluate the performance of the on-site teams.

With access to real-time data, managers can make informed decisions on when to grow the team dependent on resources.

A custom-built mobile app for your business can generate performance reports based upon these options:

● Active and non-active hours of employees
● Total time consumed by the employee to finish the assigned task
● Total tasks delayed and those completed on the time

3. Simple UI design

Reputed mobile app development company from the UK will help you build a software which will be easy to navigate and use. Features such as automatic alerts, simplified task management, and a process workflow will help with employee productivity.

An example of this could be employees saving work shifts/ hours and tasks undertaken during the day.

4. On-time reporting

As mentioned, decision-making for managers is made easier with access to real-time data.

On-time reporting will aid in the decision-making process and this monitoring feature will save a lot of time and effort not just for your business but for employees as well. You can export reports as pdf or excel sheets also.

5. User-friendly dashboard

A user-friendly dashboard will give an organisation a 360-degree view of what is happening with one click.

Every business that is keen on building a custom mobile app should look for these elements in their user dashboard:

● Timesheets
● Productivity charts
● Attendance sheets
● Team performance reports
● Invoices List

6. Leave management

Employees could easily apply for annual leave and seek approval from management within a custom-built application. This will eliminate any missed communication among team members and overbooking of staff at certain periods of the year.

7. Payroll management

With an automated payroll generating feature, organisations can check employee outgoings for the month. This keeps every payroll function transparent and accurate.

8. Enterprise-level security

Entrusting monitoring software with employees’ confidential data can be a cause for concern. Therefore, any custom mobile app will be fully secure from servers to full encryption entry for use.
In a nutshell

Be it a simple or advanced app, behaviour monitoring software will aid business and employee productivity.

As technology has evolved, software like this has become simpler to use and more customisable to business requirements.

Ficode Technologies, being a reputed app development company strives to provide solutions that help in engaging your business with your robust solutions. Get in touch with our UK-based mobile app developers if you’re interested in building a feature-rich mobile app with advanced functionalities. Capture the opportunity to automate your business processes!


Meet the Team:  Neha Bharti, Associate Project Coordinator

Meet the Team: Neha Bharti, Associate Project Coordinator

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