Ficode Ranked Top Software Development Company in Birmingham

Software development company in Birmingham

Technology in the hands of the skilled becomes a miracle. We at Ficode are blessed to have such a team that has rendered everyday IT service delivery a bespoke colour, one that’s unmatched, has its unique shine and deeply client satisfying. No wonder we achieved the top ranking software development companies in Birmingham at GoodFirms. 

About Ficode

From past 6 years, Ficode Technologies has been very active in serving highly detail-oriented, marketing-centric and need-focussed bespoke software development services. We have emerged as one of the best company who have redefined the term ‘bespoke’ for small and medium enterprises, especially for start-ups that have unique products and services to offer.

What already exists is not so challenging as delivering what has never been done. Start-ups businesses are just like that. Understanding their niche and serving accordingly becomes quite a challenge. Thanks to the leadership along with the skill and talent we have on board, we excel at delivering bespoke IT services, including web design development, mobile app development, custom ecommerce solution and bespoke IoT solution is a major service delivery area. Our experts have successfully accomplished various kind of projects for reputed clients.

Our problem solving attitude towards customer business requirements have generated trust factor between our customers and that’s why 96% of our customers choose us again. No wonder, we get repeat clients, earning splendid referrals in the process. Getting Top spot at GoodFirms ranking is one testimony of our hard work and excellence. Among the many categories in which GodFirms gives rating to the companies in its list, we have excelled in web, mobile and software development. Since the research firm is very stringent in giving good scores, most of the companies trust its verdict.

About GoodFirms

The company is known to offer a platform for companies with IT service offerings. Not only that but it has earned its reputation to rank companies on the basis of few core aspects that a service seeking company is looking for. Their research methodology is trusted. They have helped many companies get the services they are looking from the companies that are great in what they do in their location.

GoodFirms Research Process

The process is very simple. The aspects of focus in this process are Quality, Reliability and Ability. The Quality aspect focuses on References and Portfolio; Reliability aspect focuses on Market Penetration and Experience; and Ability focuses on App Development and App Design.

The process helps identify leaders in particular service segments in a given location. The core research methodology has helped both the companies that are looking for services and those that deliver that expertise and has emerged as a great platform to help meet the two for their requirements.Our dedication has left GoodFirms no choice but to recognise us as the top software development company in Birmingham.


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