Top 7 Material Design Frameworks and Libraries

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Google Modern Design Era introduces Material Design Frameworks which gains a lot of positive reviews by website designers with its animated elements, attractive colors & innovative layouts. Many websites applications use Google material design guidelines for their website interface using Google Design frameworks.

Google Design adds consistency to User Interface Design on all application platforms which includes websites designing, web applications and the Android development platform. Most famous Polymer Project introduces by Google which helps to understand the Material Design Frameworks & its web components easily. Polymer projects fully support material designing & development ensures Light framework design using Material Components for Web applications. So, it helps web developers to add Google material design elements to all websites & web apps. Material design is define by its code name Quantum Paper which is a designing language developed Google in 2014. It ensures various responsive features as efficient transitions, grid layouts highly responsive animations using effects (lighting, shadowing) & padding.

Material design frameworks leads to well-defined UX & UI web designing as well as mobile app development for all modern designing companies. Google material design became very popular in Google ecosystem among web developers & professional programmers, providing comparatively new look and feels to all websites that inspire website designers. Material Design CSS & its components are designed to build well-defined projects using web development frameworks & design guidelines.

Here is our list of the top 7 Material Design Frameworks which will increase your design workflow as well as UX & UI Google design.

1. Materialize Frameworkk

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Materialize Design is a front-end web development framework that helps to build responsive web development apps & website designing. The leading material design framework is simple to get started. It ensures speedy & easy to navigate design for modern websites prototype.

Materialize framework provide CSS functionality such as grids, colors,  helpers, media management, table management, typography optimization & element shadow optimizations as well as JavaScript features such as drop-down, dialogs, parallax, tabs, transition, etc.

2. Material UI Framework

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Material UI is one of the best Google material design framework offering best UI components that promote Google Material Design. It ensures user-friendly elements such as switches, toolbars, drop-down menus, forms, avatars, badges, chips, date picker, dividers, menu drawers, grid lists, text fields, time pickers as well as dialog boxes, etc.

It gives the vast range of React JS Components with customized Google Design specification. The idea behind Material UI is to introduce Reactjs & its combination with the web & mobile application development. The components mainly based on React JS. Hence, React JS plays the crucial role in web development using UI Design.


3. Angular Material Framework

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Angular Material is the official release of Material UI Design for Angular 2.  Material user interface defines the full-fledged app development using Angular framework as shown in the Google design documentation.

The design component provides full support for Angular app development that works across the desktop, mobile & web applications. The Angular team decided to integrate with Google design frameworks to provide full-fledged design websites.

4. MUI Design Framework

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MUI is rich, lightweight HTML, CSS & JS framework that defines your sites with Google material design. This design delivers various types of demo layouts for their users such as blog, landing page design, slider menu, as well as HTML subscription box, etc.

MUI provides support for React.js and Angular.js frameworks to define your apps with the UI & UX design. MUI is also available on GitHub & is open for its contributions.

5. Bootstrap Design Framework

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Bootstrap Material Design is the world’s best front-end design offering support for millions of websites nowadays. Bootstrap designing delivers the best Bootstrap theme that adds spectacular design experiences to the business & client sites.

It is an open source bootstrap framework for Google design apps using HTML, CSS  and also JavaScript. It provides SASS variables and mixins, responsive grid layouts, prebuilt components as well as jquery plugins.

6. Ionic Material Design Framework

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The Ionic material design is also known as the hybrid framework that builds mobile applications using HTML5. Ionic design-build layouts for your applications which include activity feeds, categories, feature lists, galleries, general lists, login pages as well as profile pages. You can try out the bootstrap demo to your app development interface and then design your software applications.

Ionic Material is a hybrid library which uses Ionic’s color using naming conventions and element classes. This  Material design is easily themeable following the Google’s guidelines for motion, ink, as well as depth. Ionic new components and layouts are regularly updated library which provides better functionality to the Google design applications accordingly.

7. Onsen UI Design Framework

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Onsen UI Design has become one of the best hybrid frameworks for building mobile applications using HTML5. This open source platform is available free. Onsen UI developers create the innovative design with user interface elements that defines unmatched user experiences.

As an agnostic framework, Onsen UI V2 can work with any other framework without any coding collisions or issues. In the new Onsen UI V2, this material framework is integrated with Angular 2 and React components to enrich the user experience.

Few Final Words

Google material design delivers the innovative mobile app design, business-related applications & web apps. It manages light appearance, and efficient user interface design which easily handles banks software development, ecommerce development, BPO software design & management tools. All the libraries & frameworks explained above are agile & lightweight components & features. It ultimately depends on the developers which design framework needed by their current project. 

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