Create AI ChatBot for Facebook in 8 Simple Steps

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Chatbots has become the essential part in digital marketing strategy. They are integrated with virtual assistants & AI giving them an ability of engaging the customer conversations. It plays very crucial role in offering versatile services. It helps customers to answer questions & guide them to their requirements.

According to Niko Bonatsos, Managing Director at General Catalyst “90% of our time on mobile is spent on email and messaging platforms. Audience would love to back teams that build stuff for places where the consumers hang out”

What are ChatBots?

A Chatbot is a service powered by artificial intelligence & virtual assistant that you can interact by chat interface. It ensures mimic conversations with audience & encourages interaction with your customers. Many e-commerce business have integrated Chatbots that allows monetizing instant messaging profiles & social media accounts. All competitive businesses & companies are focusing on building a Chatbot which is a strategic advantage over your competition. Chatbots has introduced a new way of audience interaction so as to maintain the online presence. Generally ChatBots are of two types

Wait For Audience : Chatbots wait for the audience to message. Click Get Started to start the conversation on Facebook Business Page. Here answer message is defined as a default message.

Conversation Starter : Chatbots that immediately starts the conversation when audience clicks on Get Started message. Here welcome message is defined as a default message.

8 Steps To Create AI ChatBot for Facebook by Using Chatfuel

Step 1 –  Log on to best bot platform “Chatfuel” & create your account using Facebook Login.

create chatbot

Step 2 – Once you logged in to your Chatfuel account, it will give two options to go with.  The below image show 3 Facebook business pages. You can add Facebook messenger chatbot to any of those.

  • Choose a Facebook page to connect your bot.
  • Create a Facebook page, if you don’t have any Facebook business page.

chatfuel chatbot

Step 3 – After clicking on “connect to page” option, the new screen appears. Click on “create blank chatbot” button to get started with the process.

ai chatbot3

Step 4 – Create the first block by choosing the default welcome & answer message. The welcome message appears when someone clicks on the message box on the Facebook whereas answer message appears when someone starts a conversation.

chatbot creation image 4

Step 5 – Next step is to customize your default answer block with quick reply button. It means when someone clicks on Ficode button then you need to connect replies for them by creating user attribute.

chatbot creatioun step 5

Step 6 – Add further more cards to the options which become a block named as Email block & Website block. When the user clicks yes then Email block replies the query. When the user clicks No then Website block perform some action by adding further cards to these options. Always remember to add different options or names to the blocks.

chatbot creation step 6

Step 7 – Now you are ready to test your chatbot. Click on test this chatbot button. The connected Facebook fan page will appears.

chatbot creation step 7

Step 8 – Enjoy your chat with your Chatbot by clicking on the message button.

chatbot creation step 8


Final Thoughts

Facebook Chatbot is designed to interact with audience to increase the engagement on the Facebook fan page. There are many marketing tools are available on the market for local businesses. As the demand for Chatbot increases, we expect new emerging platforms to introduce new advanced features & integrations.

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