SEO vs PPC Which Is Better For My Business?

seo vs ppc

SEO VS PPC Which one to prefer ?

Organizations of all sizes are realizing the importance of online marketing through search engines. Nowadays, people like to visit site via search engines instead of directly going to your site.
Now-a-days it’s a big question what to choose between SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) as these both are part of Search Engine Marketing that involves promotion of your websites. If done correctly then both can take your site to the front page.

Major difference between SEO and PPC is that traffic from SEO is free while from PPC is not free(paid).

Position factor

Position depends upon traffic and optimization of website.
Using SEO you can get first page position in an organic way and how optimized your website is for search engines.
Using PPC you can get your ads on first page by paying high for per click.


As mentioned earlier PPC is Pay Per Click means if you pay high you can get your ads at front page in search engines.
For SEO you have to hire a SEO expert if you didn’t know how to do SEO. SEO expert will help you in bringing your site at top position in search engines.


Which method will bring more traffic? SEO has organic traffic which is more than PPC traffic. If your site is in the top 5 positions then there should be more traffic whether it is via SEO or via PPC. It is said that PPC ads get more traffic but that lead to more cost as compared to SEO.

Ease of use

Neither SEO nor PPC are easy to do if you don’t have proper knowledge of them. SEO is the process which takes lot of time, efforts and proper knowledge. It may take months to bring your site at top five position in search engine results.
For PPC you should have proper knowledge of PPC and adwords or you have to hire a PPC expert who will do this for you.

Final Analysis

You should use both for your website. Firstly use have to use PPC to know which keywords convert better and then you can use those keywords in SEO to bring your site at top positions in search engine results. SEO takes times but its results are long lasting and also you have to pay less while with PPC results are very fast but if you stop paying then there will be no traffic at your site.

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