Newest Web Development Trends You Should Know About in 2017

Website development trends

In the last few years, web development has reached a new level. The web has been ingrained in our lives and newer and improved trends have been coming up to make web development better. The newest web development trends to look out for in the year 2017 are expected to make it more interesting. The web has become a major part of our lives. From banking to shopping, we can do everything on the web. It has completely changed our lifestyle and we have somehow become dependent on it.  Talking from a user’s perspective, one always looks for something new and innovative. And, this is one of the reasons why web development goes through different changes and variations.

Now let’s switch over to the developers’ perspective. Talking about web developers, lead very exciting lives. As technology is evolving at an ever-increasing rate, one will never run out of new skills to learn. He always has something or other to explore. It can also be fun for developers who love to code. This needs you to have the best knowledge of the latest trends. As a developer, one should always remember that an updated resume always brings something better. And, it will also help you to make your company the best web development company. Further in this article, we are going to discuss the newest web development trends that are going to be very popular in 2017.

1.) Virtual Reality

This is something that is going to be a major part of the future of technology. In the gaming industry, this trend is already started to sweep. Companies like Google and Mozilla have begun work on APIs to help technology transition to the web. This is why it is among the most popular trend of the newest web development trends. And, as the standard keeps developing, more and more applications are expected to be developed with virtual reality (VR) technology. Agile Web Development Company would definitely go for this technology. This year, VR is expected to be seen in various applications, from news coverage to virtual real estate tours. Therefore, its importance cannot be ignored.

2.) Artificial Intelligence

This is something most important of all the newest web development trends. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is always high on the agenda whenever we talk about the future of technology. A lot of advancements have been made in the field of AI in the last year. AlphaGo is the first program to beat professional Go players Companies like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook have been releasing their AI technology to be used by all. Bespoke web development companies in the UK are already into AI. It is used by large applications, either to identify damaged or inaccurate articles in Wikipedia’s case, or to improve search engines, like in Google’s case. With increasing and easier access to AI development tools, it is expected to be used in new and different ways in 2017.

3.) Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) cannot be left behind when we talk about the latest trends in website development in 2017. It is a movement that is for network connectivity, in order to send and receive data with non-internet-connected objects. These objects can range from toasters to sensors embedded in concrete to detect cracks and weaknesses. Web developers may not be directly involved but are likely to be involved in the development of applications that display and analyze devices’ data. To communicate with IoT devices, companies such as BugLabs and Xively have already started working on APIs. This is a way to provide your customers with improved web app development services the UK.

4.) Angular 2

Talking about the trending web development practices, 2016 saw the release of Angular 2. It has always brought about many changes along with it, like Google’s frontend JavaScript framework has been completely redesigned.  Applications are written in TypeScript and are moving towards a more component-driven architecture. Angular tends to release three minor updates and one major update every 6 months. It directly indicates that there are a lot more changes to be seen in this widely popular framework. Following the updates that angular 2 offers regularly will help you deliver the best web development.

5.) Yarn Package Manager

Package managers are incredibly popular tools. They are more popular, especially in the frontend JavaScript communities. Package managers are among the most important trends in web development as they make it easier for developers to install, update, configure, and uninstall code modules within their applications. NPM and Bower are the most popular JavaScript package managers.  However, in collaboration with exponent, Google, and Tilde, Facebook has launched a new package manager. It is expected to grow its popularity in 2017. If you provide bespoke web application development or custom web application development services, you should definitely look forward to this trend.

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