MVP Software Development Can Save Your Start-up from Failure

MVP Software Development Can Save Your Start-up from Failure

Building software is not easy. It’s a risky undertaking, where you have no idea what the audience will think when you create something new and different.
There is evidence which shows that 90% of start-ups fail. 10 % of startups crash in their first year only while 70% TECH startups of fail within their 20 months of being in the market.
So why does this happen?
Maybe they don’t convert ideas into solutions for the real world or they might not fill the gaps.
But there is a way to do this with minimum risks and that is entering the minimum viable product (MVP) software development. This is how entrepreneurs may rapidly and cheaply gain market traction and feedback on their products or we can say start your business with an MVP.
So, in this blog, we discuss the solution – The importance of the MVP Software Development – along with how start-ups can approach it.
But first, let’s understand what MVP software development is.

What is MVP software development?

MVP software development is the software with little development costs but strong functionality to address customer pain points. In other words, MVP software concentrates on the core issues the target audience is facing rather than adding additional features.
Some people confuse it with the wireframe or an early proof of concept. However, it is essentially the release of the first version of the product that is suitable for customers with no further frills.
The foundation for the credibility and success of the later versions is set at the fundamental step of creating the structure, testing its functionality, and successfully delivering it. The final product will also be based on user feedback and experience. Also, you can hire software development services from a reputable development firm to develop a robust MVP.

Why Should A Start-up Have An MVP?

According to data, 42% of the apps fail because either they had no defined target audience or they couldn’t fill the gaps. In conclusion, they were of no use.
An MVP is used to test the idea before releasing the final product. It is crucial for a business to launch an MVP. The reasons are given below :

1. Not out of the pocket

A sizable sum of money is required to develop fully functional software. Lack of feedback decreases the odds that the software will last and make a profit.
Hiring developers is necessary for in-house software development, and that will be expensive as well. However, this is the easiest approach to achieving your goals.
But, developing an MVP doesn’t necessitate a costly mobile app. Additionally, if you decide to build your MVP software using low- or no-code software, you may turn your idea into an experimental application. The outcomes will give you a good sense of whether to spend money creating a whole application or not.
Failure of the MVP wouldn’t be a loss, but the failure of a developed software would be a disaster. As a result, even if the business idea fails the budget would not be significantly affected.

2. Meet high chances of success

The are several final products that fail because they do not satisfy market demands. It occurs when entrepreneurs are unaware of the interests of their customers.
However, MVP is developed and updated in response to consumer feedback. This increases the chances of success when you already know the customers’ feedback before launching your full-fledged app.
Moreover, there must not be more than 3 features on an MVP. The features must be ranked based on importance and focus on the core problems.

3. Early Launch Capability

Nowadays, the key to success is speed. You will be able to learn about your product more quickly once you will launch it. Customers that use your product more often offer crucial feedback on product quality. Also, competition exists in every industry. Competition improves us and swamps the market with better products.
Being first can enhance your brand’s reputation and image.
There are several advantages to quickly getting your product in front of customers. An MVP makes this possible. While focusing on creating a product with all the necessary features takes much longer. A competitor could have created an MVP, tested it, and made improvements While you concentrated on things that might not be required.

4. Convincing stakeholders and luring investors

More than 1,000 UK tech startups raised funds in 2022, with $7.8 billion across 172 rounds.
Investors who believe a brand’s business idea is worthwhile to approach it.
An MVP allows the investor to click the buttons and experience how the app functions and appears. You will have a database of customers who have used the app and provide feedback when you attend the interview. It will benefit you to present the entire idea to potential investors since it will appear far more well-organized and fail-proof than a simple paper drawing would.

5. Makes you feel comfortable in the rapidly changing tech environment

The primary benefit of MVP software development is that it can be altered and modified as often as necessary to match your current needs. You may add new features, add integrations, or update the design based on market research or customer feedback. The MVP is a model that you can scale and enhance.

6. Helps in determining the value statement

A more linear MVP roadmap can be made by entrepreneurs and developers if they are certain about the value their product will provide to customers.

Having MVP software helps you focus on the value proposition of the proposed product with the aid of testing and feedback. The essence of the value proposition should be linked with features and functionality.

Challenges that you might face in MVP Software Development

There is no question that businesses require an initial product in order to get feedback and improve the quality of the finished article. However, software development takes place through iterations and therefore a chance that you may run across some challenges.

1. Hurdles in Planning and Too many features

It’s been said that you should always consider the larger picture while creating a product if you want to make it profitable. Planning is more important than development because without proper planning like market research, budget strategy number of MVP Crash.

Also overloading your software with features helps you make a good first impression.

But wouldn’t it entail it would require more money, time, and effort?

The most crucial elements and features of your product are included in an MVP to assess how well the product will hold up when put to the test in the market.

An MVP involves an iterative approach. If you delay your MVP, which you were launching in preparation for your final product, will also get delayed. And to top of all this, you could have ended up exhausting all of your patience and resources.

2. Feedback loop

Asking others for their opinions is important if you want constructive feedback. But it’s difficult to gather all of the individual feedback. That’s why Enabling the tracking features in the MVP will make it much easier to keep track of which features are being used, how frequently, etc.

Be mindful of these difficulties to avoid problems and get the most out of your MVP software development experience.

What considerations should businesses make while developing MVP software?

These factors need to be considered while creating an MVP for startups.

1. Land your customer

The statistics show that having more than 10 landing pages boosts conversion rates by 55%. Additionally, a landing page that loads quickly and is expertly arranged improves conversion rates.
Throughout the product concept testing process landing pages assist in gathering customer information, such as contact information etc. in order to promote the products and services. Also, it’s imperative to plan the “why” for visitors to land on your landing page.

2. Maintain your focus

The ideal strategy for developing a new product is to take a backward step while maintaining focus on the core idea. You could lose track if you become bogged down or engaged in the details.

The MVP should ideally be developed to showcase your product to the public so that you can get feedback and make the necessary modifications to improve it. The incorrect strategy is to create an MVP with the intention of launching the product quickly for profit. By removing the unnecessary functionalities, you can save from having to repeat a number of tasks.

3. Alpha test and Beta test

To check the quality of your MVP software and to get useful feedback, alpha and beta testing are required. The software or app is tested to make sure it won’t malfunction or fault.
To assure the quality of the software or mobile app, alpha tests are carried out. After being approved, beta testing heads your way to provide you with useful input.

What Makes The Final Product Successful?

Once the original product is created and tested to get feedback, it can be used to improve the product functionality and add what the target audience demands. Once improved, the team again works on the new feedback and this is how the cycle goes on:

app development company UK

The cycle goes on until the customer input indicates that it has been sufficient to improve. In addition, the final product is considered to be when its User Experience seems flawless.
Thus, feedback plays a vital role in the success of the final product. Furthermore, an MVP saves the business both time and money

Examples of some businesses that used MVP development as a launchpad

Building MVPs is a time, effort, and money-saving method. Here are some examples of well-known companies that employed MVP development as a launchpad.


Earlier named “twittr” this platform was a tool for its staff to communicate via SMS between employees of Odeo – a podcasting platform. The MVP software for testing the platform simply allowed individuals to send messages. Later, the product developed into an independent social networking service that is now known as “Twitter.”


It was created as an MVP to help American students to stay connected. It was initially introduced in four American institutions. Access was made available to everyone, regardless of location, due to a simple application that was thoroughly tested on a section of the audience for a year.


A Minimum Viable Product is ultimately the best way to introduce and test the startup idea. The MVP makes the launch of the final product easy and feasible.
Because MVP is more planning and less development. You put your thoughts and concepts to the test and determine the applicability and demand of your products and customers.

Businesses then develop the concept based on the needs of their target market to produce an effective product that may subsequently be improved to become a great product.

And with this in mind, Ficode Technologies, a bespoke software development company assisted many organisations and delivered amazing results based on our previous experiences and successful implementations.

MVP Software Development

And with this in mind, we have assisted many organisations and delivered amazing results based on our previous experiences and successful implementations.
Working with us has the advantage that we are familiar with the challenges that startups have when creating MVPs that meet their needs and we always believe in optimizing the solutions.
Collaborate with us today to know more and click here to see some of our previous work.


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