Meet the Team: Neha Bharti, Associate Project Coordinator

Ficode Technologies PVT LMT

Name of the interviewee: Neha Bharti 
LinkedIn profile: Neha Bharti
Designation: Associate Project Coordinator 

Short bio of the interviewee:

Hi, My Name is Neha Bharti, I have been working as an Associate Project Coordinator with Ficode for the last 12 months. I love being a part of a team that works with such a positive and problem-solving mindset 

How did you begin your journey with Ficode?

I started my journey with Ficode in 2021 with 1.7 years of experience in Project Management.  

How will you describe your responsibilities at Ficode?

As Project Coordinator, my responsibilities are with the overall management of live projects.  This entails tracking and on-time delivery of the assigned projects with allocated resources and direct involvement in Sprint Plan execution. 

How is Ficode unique in the Tech industry?

Ficode is a product and service-based organisation working with Web and Mobile Technologies like ASP.net, Java, Scala, PHP, Android, Flutter etc. As a part of Ficode, I get the opportunity to handle various domain projects. This helps me to enhance my skills as a Project Coordinator plus, the seniors are always there to help if any challenges arise  

What have you learned in your past from your senior managers and the rest of the Ficode team?

Everyone is extremely helpful and I learned so much from them. Particularly, understanding the several complex project management processes, handling multiple team tasks, learning to make project plans, tracking the tasks in the project for the timely delivery of the tasks.  

How do you balance your relationship with the technical and non-technical teams?

A balanced relationship is always a key for the successful and on-time delivery of the projects. It includes good communication, understanding of the project requirements and an understanding of how to tackle difficult situations. I have recommended working here to many friends and definitely would in future, because this is the organisation that most resembles my personal values. 

Tell us about your future plans as Project Manager/Coordinator?

My main focus is to have a better understanding of the technologies of assigned projects. Along with this, I am working on upgrading my skills to be a better Project Manager/Leader. 

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