Meet the Team Member: Ankita Sharma

Ankita Sharma

Here at Ficode, our team members are the heartbeat of the Ficode and the masterminds behind our work. That’s why we would like to introduce you to Ms. Ankita Sharma. Ankita has recently completed 1 year with the Ficode and celebrating her 1st work anniversary with us. Let’s know her working experience with Ficode and why she recommends Ficode to others.
She plays a key part in developing mobile apps that represent our clients well and speak to their target audiences.

Name of the interviewee: Ankita Sharma
LinkedIn profile: Ankita Sharma
Designation: Associate Software Engineer (Mobile Applications)

Short bio of the interviewee:

My name is Ankita Sharma and I am an Associate Software Engineer (Mobile Applications) at Ficode Software Solutions. I graduated from Panjab University in 2020 with a B.E(IT) degree. From Last 1 year, I have been associated with Ficode Software Solutions.

How did you begin your journey with Ficode?

I started my journey with Ficode last year as Associate Software Engineer (Mobile Applications) with 1.6 years of experience. My journey till now is nothing less than pleasant.

How will you describe your responsibilities at Ficode?

As a mobile Application developer, my main responsibilities are designing and developing advanced applications for the Android platform. Unit-testing code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability. Bug fixing and improving application performance. I ensure the mobile applications are functioning properly for users and our customers, in case of any issue the QA team notifies us and as a team we provide our support to them by resolving the issues. So, to describe in a few words everyone is very supportive and generous while working, it makes you very addictive to the working environment of the Ficode.

How Ficode is unique in Tech part?

Ficode is a product and service-based company and has a vast skill set in web development as well as mobile development. Being in Ficode, I got numerous opportunities to work across various domains. I am currently working in one of the IOT based product of the company and I feel flattered that I got this learning opportunity. It is helping me in enhancing my skills as a developer. We as a team are developing numerous software libraries and drivers to communicate with the hardware to fulfil the requirements. From the start, company is providing us with the required training and guidance on writing the quality code and thus the quality of code is maintained. Further, the code is regularly reviewed by our seniors.

What you have learnt in 1 year of journey from your seniors and Ficode team members?

I have learnt a lot from the seniors and Ficode team members. The most vital is that I acquired Team-working skills. Ficode has not only boosted my confidence but has also helped me in developing my overall personality. In case, any issue or complication arises even seniors are very supportive and co-operative to aid the juniors. They always promote us to do better and provide us the opportunities by letting us to work freely on new projects. This resulted me in improving my knowledge on fundamental and basics and that helped me to work easily with multiple technologies.

How do you balance your relationship with the technical and non-technical team?

My relationship with both technical and non-technical team is really good. With the technical team, I can discuss any technical issue. The seniors have always helped me out whenever I got stuck. With the non-technical team, I can discuss any problem I am facing as an employee. Sometimes the relationship between a developer and project management team is not really good but while working with Ficode I have never experienced this kind of the situations. Everyone is always eager to assist/help each other which makes the working environment feel more at ease. To say the least everyone is very supportive here and cooperative.

Tell us about your future plan as Developer?

As a developer, I am continuously working on developing my technical skills. Currently, I am also learning Flutter along with Android to enhance my knowledge and skill set. In the future, I want to become a full stack developer and in 5-7 years I see myself as a more knowledgeable professional. I look forward to continue my journey with Ficode.

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