How much does it cost to develop an e-learning app?

How much does it cost to develop an e-learning app

Global research analysts estimate that the e-learning market will be £409.23 billion by 2027. As a result, there is a massive demand for mobile app design and development companies in the UK that builds e-learning platforms.

Over the last decade, many ed-tech businesses have realised the importance of having an e-learning platform to be relevant in this competitive market.

An analysis of 2,500 companies by Techjury found that those with comprehensive training programs had 218% higher revenue per employee and 24% higher profit margins.

E-learning is not just for individuals or educational institutions; it can be used effectively by corporates to train their employees.

We’ll take a look at the cost of building a mobile e-learning app that could help your business grow. First off, let’s look at the benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Having An E-learning App?

1. Learn At Your Own Pace

With a traditional education system, you must follow a particular timetable during your course. The benefit of e-learning platforms is that you can consume the lessons at your own pace.

2. Reduce Cost And Time

According to Oxford Statistics, online learning reportedly reduces energy consumption by 90% compared to classroom learning. You don’t need to travel to a specific location to access the content in the course. It is possible to access an online course from the comfort of your home. Enrolling in a course through e-learning platforms is also much cheaper than traditional education courses as there is no cost involved with hosting a classroom.

3. Lifetime Access To The Content

A significant benefit of using an e-learning course through an app is lifetime access to the course. You cannot access a missed class in a traditional education setting since there are no recordings.

If you are consuming an online course, you can finish it at your own pace. You will have unlimited access to all of the courses you choose with lifetime access to the content, which will keep your skill set relevant for years to come.

What Features Should Be Included In An E-learning App?

1. Filters And Search Bar

Most people can find it overwhelming to find their course when there are many choices available in the mobile e-learning app. Adding a search bar will help users to navigate the mobile app and find their desired course.

Adding filters like price, instructors, language, etc., can also make the mobile app easy to use.

2. Gamification

A study from Columbia university teachers college showed that edX and Coursera courses that offer MOOC Certificate programs have a completion rate of 15% or less.

People of this generation prefer courses that combine entertainment with education. The instructor can assign the students virtual badges, trophies, medals, and digital coins based on their performance.

This way, education can be more fun, and the students will enjoy learning from the e-learning platforms or apps.

3. Payment option

Through the e-learning platforms, the students can pay for the online courses, and the instructors can receive them without complications.

Make sure to choose a secure payment platform that works excellently with debit cards, credit cards, smart wallets, etc. It is possible to provide an EMI option to students with financial problems.

How Much Does Building An E-learning App Cost?

The cost of building an e-learning app can vary according to the company’s needs. Features like the app’s complexity, production team, tech stack, location, platform, design, etc., can determine the cost of building an e-learning app.

Ideally, e-learning development companies in the UK can charge you £12,580 to over £83,894 to build a mobile e-learning app.

We are one of the leading app development companies in the UK and can help you to understand the cost and needs of mobile e-learning apps.

Below are the four most important factors determining the overall mobile app cost.

1. Complexity of the app

If you want an e-learning app with basic features, it will cost you way less than an app with robust features. You have to understand what kind of app you want to build based on the market you serve.

At Ficode, we can help analyze your needs and suggest the best methods to build an e-learning mobile app.

2. Team

Most mobile app design & development companies will have project managers, QA engineers, developers, UX/UI designers, and team leaders.

The team you hire to build your e-learning app plays a significant role in the quality of your app. Building an e-learning app can take hundreds of hours, and a lot of experience is required to create a robust platform.

Suppose you want to develop a mobile e-learning app that includes AR features. In that case, you must hire specialists like mobile app developers, designers, etc., but that can increase the overall cost of building your mobile e-learning app.

3. Tech stack

The Tech stack includes programming languages, frameworks, tools, & technologies that could be used to develop the back-end and front-end of your application which also will decide the overall price of the app.

According to Statista, 42.62% of software developers use React for their front-end web development.

React is the best tool because it is reusable, faster, and adaptable. NodeJS and the NestJs frameworks are ideal for backend web development due to the speed-to-flexibility ratio.

4. Maintenance

Just building a mobile app isn’t enough. You must spend 20% of your annual budget on mobile app maintenance if you do not add anything new and only do bug fixing.

The cost can increase if you want to add extra features with every update. If the app is not maintained regularly, i.e., poor UX design, irregular updates, bugs, etc., it can lead users to uninstall the mobile app.


According to Cision PRNewswire, the e-learning market growth in the UK will accelerate at a CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of over 15%.

Right from individuals to government organizations, educational institutions, and corporates are taking advantage of the rise and demand in the e-learning space.

And keeping this in mind we at Ficode, a leading mobile app development agency in the UK, have helped hundreds of businesses build mobile apps tailored to their audiences’ needs.

Our team of top Mobile app development can help you take your idea into a robust e-learning app.

Feel free to contact us to build your mobile e-learning app.


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