Google My Business Setup & Benefits For Local Businesses

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Google My Business is a unified interface designed by Google for businesses & organizations that manages the online presence of the Brand across the Google Search Engine. It enables you to connect your business with customers directly. It means your clients & customers can find you easily through on Google Searches & Maps.

With the help of Google My Business interface business owner can easily manage multiple properties of Google like Google Adwords, Reviews, Google+, Google Analytics Insights, YouTube, and Google Maps through single Google My Business interface (GMB) account to increase the local exposure for business branding. It is basically defined as those businesses who want to serve their business at local places. When the customer searches for your businesses then your listing will appear right of the web page.

Google My Business Setup 

1. Go to Google My Business & click start now.

2. You have to log in with your Gmail account. If you don’t have your Gmail account, then you need to create a new one.

3. Once you have logged in, a new screen appears where you will have to fill important information necessary for your businesses.

4. Once you enter all information about your business, then click continue.

5. A new screen appears where Google My Business with an address or without an address. It means you need to specify the delivery of goods & services to your customer location or not. It shows 4 important points to click on:

  • If you have the physical address & don’t want to deliver goods & services to customer location then click “No”.
  • If you have the physical address & want to deliver goods & services to customer location then click “Yes”.
  • If yes, you need to mention the city & area where you want to deliver your services.
  • If you don’t have the physical address then leaves the field empty.

6. In Google My Business verification process, a pop up is prompted asking to verify your Google Business. Tick on that.

7. Click continues to get a verification code.  A pop-up window will display to get your verification code. There are 5 different ways to verify Google My Business as:

  • Verifying the business listing with Postcard
  • Verifying the business listing by Email
  • Verifying the business listing by Phone
  • Instant business listing verification with Google Search Console
  • Bulk verification of the same business

8. After verifying the code, you need to visit your GMB account and introduce verification.

9. Your GMB Account is verified now. It is easy to update the current information once the account is verified.

Top Benefits of Google My Business

1. Google My Business is free to use platform that offer desktop & mobile friendly interface for both local & online businesses.

2. It allows customers to quickly access your business information such as working hours, address & contact number etc. It offers features like Google local search results that show nearby businesses. Understand with example suppose when the user needs a bike mechanic in the middle of the route, then GMB plays very important role in searching the businesses in local areas. The user will search for the query & can easily get the local search results relevant to business the user searching for. The user will get complete direction (location), opening hours & contact number easily. Google Search Engine will show results according to the user location & its search query.

3. GMB improves the search visibility of your businesses in Google Search Engine. When the user searches on Google for your service, it will display the 3-pack/snack pack business lists above organic results. It shows complete optimized listings which will include your business. It means your business has the great online presence.

4. It helps to increase the click-through rate by encouraging the consumer to add positive reviews on your GMB listings. The consumer can easily view & add the review of any product, services & businesses. Positive reviews are the important ranking factor for any business.

5. GMB gives a local listing platform where you can display useful information relevant to your business & clients. It is an important place where the business update can be view by many searchers. Some of the useful information need to fill & updated as:

  • Business name
  • Business address
  • Business telephone number
  • Business logo
  • Business photograph
  • Website URL
  • Hours of Operations
  • Reviews
  • Category

6. Google My Business offers you an access to insights. It shows the complete GMB analytics about customer search for your business. It includes customer view as listing on maps & listing on search which shows full local search results. You can compare the status with the chart that shows up with insights.

Final Views

Google My Business makes easier for the local businesses to increase the reach of your businesses at local areas. It also helps the Google user to find the right business that meets their needs by simply conducting the local search on Google. By reading above benefits, try to increase the chances of being found on 3-pack results & generate more targeted traffic.

If you find any difficulty during creation of Google My Business page or you want to improve your Google My Business listings in the local searches, Ficode is here to help you to build your business online presence & better ROI. We are one of the leading search engine marketing agency in London that covers SEO & paid advertising campaigns.

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