Ficode Technologies CEO Gurmeet Singla divulges to GoodFirms what works out best for their team and clients

Ficode CEO - Gurmeet Singla

Known to offer any and every digital service imaginable, Ficode has emerged as a name to trust with. The ever growing list of its clients have reputed names that come as sceptics but stay as fans of its services and the way clients are responded to. The security of working with a UK firm but on a highly competitive price (that are a trademark of freelancers from overseas) is something hard to ignore. Picking up from an array of onsite and offsite resources as and when needed, Ficode is known to deliver what’s best for the clients in the field of mobile app development, web development, software development and digital marketing.

Gurmeet Singla, the CEO, Ficode makes sure that every long-term strategic decision is finalized to the best effect and in favour of both the company and its employees. Starting out as a consultant for the businesses, he identified a gap between demand and supply in the digital services sector.

On asking about the market positioning of Ficode, Mr. Singla elaborated that the company bridges the gap between overseas talents and allowing businesses their services while also bringing in some kind of legal control to the process. The presence of Ficode also insures the quality of the services received and that too without delays and in the stipulated time. Acting as a development partner to the business looking for digital services, the company addresses their need to have a legal binding of the UK without giving up on the cost benefits offered by a globalized economy.

For all the success that Ficode has achieved in such a short time since the conception of the company in 2013, Gurmeet gives all the credit to its employee asset. He believes in building core team and investing heavily on it but also knows the value of exceptional freelance talents and importance of hiring them for support services. Delivering future-ready, real seamless solutions has thus become a routine of which Ficode is proud of. With more than 90% of repeat clients, the number of industries Ficode has served till now is great and the list is ever-growing that covers entertainment, e-learning, media, healthcare, banking finance, and a lot more.

Gurmeet for his part in the company makes sure that all the talents are groomed and empowered enough to perform par excellence. He believes in giving them an atmosphere which is conducive to brainstorming and following technology as their sole passion, which eventually benefits the clients. He also feels responsible for all the clients individually, and that they must be given all the attention needed to get their project accomplished just as their business demands and that too in record time.

Catering to the client’s need to get digital even in the smallest but smartest way possible is what Ficode does best and excels in achieving. It could be a mobile app for a small restaurant business or an IoT building automation installation for a huge organization. There could be multiple parameters that decide how a particular project is taken ahead and what kind of time it could take. Gurmeet elaborates that care is taken in analysing what a client needs with his demands and also assist him in knowing exactly what is functional and best serve their purpose. The unique bill payment method that goes as per the completion of the phases of project also supports our emphasis on transparency.

The detailed interview of Mr Gurmeet Singla with the GoodFirms can give you the clear insight on the ideas, work philosophy and way Ficode is making clients happy and satisfied with their work.

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