FICODE AT AHR EXPO 2018 – The World’s Largest HVACR Marketplace


It is the most exciting moment for the Ficode team to meet the world’s topmost leaders of HVACR technology and innovation. Ficode attended the world’s biggest AHR EXPO 2018 which is the HVACR industry event of the year. Ficode has been working on Automation, Controls & Networking Products with HVACR companies from the past few years. Our team members visited the world largest AHR event to experience the top technologies of the industry.

The AHR Expo 2018- International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition began in Chicago with hosting more than 2,000 exhibitors and attracts billions of crowds of 65,000 industry professionals. It is the world’s largest HVACR marketplace where more than 165 countries are participating worldwide. It is the collaboration of HVACR industry experts having 100+ product seminars, 770+ product categories and 100+ product presentations. The AHR Expo brings the entire HVACR industry together to share new ideas, products, technologies and innovations. It is co-sponsored by AHRI & ASHRAE.

Meet the World Leaders of HVACR Technology & Innovation as 2,000+ Manufactures and Suppliers Assemble In Chicago

770+ Products Will Be Displayed at the AHR Expo 2018

  • AC, Heating, Equipment & Components & Refrigeration Systems,
  • Building Automation, Controls & Networking Products
  • Energy & Facility Management Products
  • Ventilation, Air Movement, Ducts, Filters & other IAQ Products
  • Specialized Climate Control Systems
  • Technical Support & Services
  • Radiant Heating & Hydronic Systems, Plumbing Products
  • Labor-saving Tools & Instruments, Software, and Business Services

Why industrialists need to attend the world’s largest HVACR Marketplace

1. Explore new products & latest technologies

The AHR EXPO includes 2100 companies & 2000 exhibitors participating in the event for the first time. It provides the biggest opportunity to examine the new innovative technologies. Thousands of manufacturers and industry experts will display their tech equipment. Many manufacturers offer talks on their new products and technologies during the product showcase. You will never get this opportunity again to have such a close view of the products with their manufacturers and engineers. It is the best platform to explore new technologies and innovation.

2. Learn about new technology & applications from experts

The AHR EXPO 2018 is hosting new product presentations and more than 100 educational sessions which cover the wide range of HVACR topics. You can attend free seminars on new product exhibitors & major industry organization as well as ASHRAE short courses. These courses have half & full day sessions available for both fee and non-fee members. You will learn & experience new methods, new technologies and applications in AHR EXPO 2018.

3. Interact on a personal, one on one basis with experts

The EXPO event offers fantastic opportunity to interact face to face with the product engineers to understand the working of the product and its benefits in human life. Millions of exhibitors bring their product expert to this wonderful event so that the exhibitors can get practical advice, reviews and solutions that they can implement immediately.

4. Learn about new ideas to gain competitive advantage

By attending the largest AHR Expo, you will know more about the latest technologies and products as well as its productivity. You will meet different peoples from other sides of the industry. It gives a better environment to explain your services to your customers and an opportunity to gain the right feedback from other industry experts. You can analyze your competitors by attending this largest Expo.

About Ficode Technologies

Ficode Technologies is a web, mobile and software development company with offices in London, UK. It works with various organizations across the world to implement Building Automation and Controls & Networking Products to meet and excel at their business challenges.

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