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Social media marketing has emerged as one of the strongest pillars on which a brand stands, especially for the local and small businesses. Facebook commanding the most user presence is known for targeted marketing. Tried-and-tested Facebook Marketing tips for small business could be a sure way to enhance the business presence.

The blog aims to enlighten you on the areas you need to work hard or maybe doing it the wrong way.

Facebook Marketing from an Advertisers’ Point of View

You, the business, are the advertiser, trying to reach their target audience and encourage them enough to become loyal and frequenting customers. Various tools are made available to perform outreach and market your brand through Facebook. Tools essentially include a Facebook page of the company/brand to connect with the people and later to run ad campaigns, free-but-informational Facebook posts (that are of immense value to your audience) in the form of text, videos, photos (regular or in infographics form) or coupons in image form.

4 Reasons for why Facebook Marketing

Facebook outperforms Google when it comes to spending time. Most of the people you would want to see in your shop, in the brick-n-mortar format or otherwise, are already there. With the right kind of voice and message and FB tools, you can attract them to what you have to say and show. Facebook user base is highly segmented, which means you can target to the utmost precision. If you sell teenage cosmetics, you can target females in that group in the geography you operate on Facebook and run ad campaigns meaningful to them.

In brief, you use FB marketing:

  • If you have budget considerations
  • To promote coupons and discounts and send limited-invites
  • To retarget visitors who have visited once
  • Because you want better ROI than local print ads

Top 15 Facebook Marketing tips or points for every local or small business

Some of the best Facebook Marketing tips for local business that can help you with your outreach efforts are:

  1. Figure out YOUR audience : The first step is the most crucial. Understand the customers you are to serve with your products or services. The process can be time-consuming and business-altering at the same time. The uses, features of your product and service are often the first cues that can always be fine-tuned.  How much revenue you are going to generate over time depends on your research.
  2. Create content that’s informative and also looked for : If you want to create content that’s useful to your audience, ask questions and take feedback. Create a blog, video or infographic around the needs and problems that brings people to your shop and become their only favourite choice.
  3. Facebook Ad Campaign : Facebook Marketing starts with the setting up a business account, followed by setting up the ad campaign. The process begins with understanding your objective of the ad campaign (which should be ‘Engagement’ if you just starting out on Facebook). Once you get that done on the page, time to move on “Ad set” section for Audience (be specific about the location and the radius of potential customers) size of which should not fall below 10000. Now, post the actual ad. You can create a new one or select among the ones already posted.
  4. Play hit-and-trial with various ads and ad campaigns : You need to run ad campaign depending upon their likability and response they get. More clicks can translate into better returns later. Creating multiple ad campaigns to run at different times of the day targeting several demographics is the best strategy. Analyse individual performance and keep only the better resulting ones. Tracking and optimizing ads can do wonders with your campaign.
  5. Spark interest of your audience : Stay fresh; give accurate information about something they are in a lookout; and create compelling posts (infographics, video or articles) that can hook them and keep them that way. For earning loyal customers, you need to make attempts to become the business that leaves impression and creates lasting memories. Celebrate local festivals and encourage visitors to come to the retail shop to earn discounts and freebies.
  6. Stay budget-focussed : Budget constraints will always be there and for a good reason too. Since you are starting out and in the testing phase, it’s for the best. Also Facebook makes it easy to work in a small budget and let you track how much you have reached with it. Start with the mid-range to keep the option of changing later on if it doesn’t work out as expected.
  7. Competitor study and research : That’s a good way to at least keep up with the benchmark. Chances are high that what’s working for them can work for you as well. Keeping a track of what they are doing and what not can help you decide length and breadth of your ad campaigns.
  8. Analyse analytics : Statistics supplied free by Facebook can bring clarity on why some ads are working while others not. The devil’s in the detail. Tweak things around until you are satisfied. The tools include Facebook Insights. Irrespective of the goals, you can easily know your engaged audience and thus better equipped to turn them into your loyal customers.
  9. Update : Staying fresh for your audience means two things: you care for your audience and you are in touch with what’s working and what has stopped working after a while. Also when variety is the spice of life why not make things tastier (audience-consumable!).
  10. Make use of pages where your audience comes together : Community Page, Facebook Group and also your profile page with different (sensible) tabs can be your virtual activity centre. Different people from your audience can come, discuss, ask, suggest, review and give feedback. You can take cue to improve your business. Such platforms also become a great place to show your willingness to remedy customer issues and grievances.
  11. Facebook Tools to shine business : One of the most important points of all these tips is to get Facebook working for you in an unprecedented way by making use of its great tools like Product Catalog Ads, Power Editor Tools, boosted posts and Custom Audience. Using these one-at-a-time or in a combination with others can yield great results, which can translate into sales also.
  12. Follow up by emails : Your audience may click your ad and then forget all about it. You would want to get back to them by a series of emails. There are tools to automate the process. This way, if you had an ad about a coupon, your email can make the people remember about it and encourage redeeming it at the shop.
  13. Understand Facebook CTA use wisely : CTA aka Call-To-Action! Some FB Marketing experts highly recommend using them while others do not. The moral of the story is to employ them wisely since these take AWAY the user from that immediate page. So, only when the audience is leaving the page for a better good, like to make a purchase, a CTA might not be required.
  14. Don’t forget to re-target and re-market : People who have watched your videos ad (at least 50% of it) are considered warm audience and can be retargeted. This could be done by creating a list if such audience and sending them soft reminder. This act alone can bring back many people who know you but somehow forgot. Retargeting ads can also ease much of your load.
  15. Testing : When it comes to hit-and-trial, there are several more things to keep in mind: bidding strategies and ad placements. Newsfeed ads and right hand-side ads can both be good provided what you want from them. Ad groups with identical ads but different bids can be created to watch the performance and keep only the performing ones.

Now that you know the best Facebook marketing tips and how and when of it, you are ready to undertake the project. If the tips mentioned in the blog seem to overwhelm you, Ficode can take over the responsibility. You can relax and let us to grow your business locally. We are determined to never give you a time to regret your decision.

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