Important SEO Strategies and Free SEO Tools to Promote Your Website

Free SEO Tools

If you are promoting ecommerce business, and looking for helpful Free SEO Tools and SEO strategies, then this post has been written for you. An ecommerce platform has wide scope of business improvements. Either you are a giant or just a startup, SEO can play a big role in your business success.

According to studies 30% of the traffic comes from search engines (Organically).

We understand the ecommerce SEO is more complex and competitive as compare to other businesses. It is very hard for small businesses to rank higher in search results. But don’t worry, we are going to show some useful SEO strategies and tools you can use to win the race. If you analyze your path before proceeding on it, then might be you achieve your target. But if you don’t on right track then it will totally waste of your time and money.

So, the first step you should follow is keyword research. It is most important to choose right keywords that will blow relevant traffic towards your website. You can use following tools and strategies to find valuable product based keywords.

SEO Tools for Ecommerce Websites:

Keyword Research Tools:

Amazon Suggest image: Amazon can be added in the list of your competitors, but it could be a keywordmine to get long tail keywords with low competition.

Free SEO Tools

Free SEO Tools

Keyword Tool Dominator (Source: www.keywordtooldominator.com): This is another way to search keywords on amazon.

Wikipedia: Here you can enter your product and hit search to see relevant words and phrase you can pick up.
Google Keyword planner: It is most popular and free keyword research tool from Google. You can use this to get an idea but it doesn’t tell everything to you. Google hide lot of things from there.

Free SEO Tools to Check Website Errors

Once you select keywords and understand your competitor then you must remove the errors from you ecommerce website. To accomplish this, you can use following free tools.
SEMRUSH: I hope you are familiar with this tool that is one of the most popular SEO tools. It is free for 100 pages.

Free SEO Tools

Siteliner: It also a good free tool to check on-Page errors and free up-to 250 pages.

Free SEO Tools

Structured Data Generator:
Google give too much importance to the microdata and schemas. You can use this to improve the users trust and site visibility on major search engines.

Free SEO Tools

If you don’t know how to generate microdata for your ecommerce store then try this free tool Microdatagenerator. Structured data helps Google to understand HTML.

XML Sitemap Generator:

XML sitemap is also very important to index all website pages. You should take care of XML sitemap. If you are using any CMS then most of the CMS’s have automatically generate sitemaps. In case you don’t have auto sitemap then try XML sitemap generator to generate sitemap which includes all pages of your website.

Free SEO Tools


Site speed is very important factor nowadays. To rank higher in search engine your site must have good speed and easily accessible at mobile devices.

Free SEO Tools

To check site speed and discrepancies you can run test in Gtmetrix tool. It is totally free and display maximum number of errors you can fix.

SEO Strategies for Ecommerce Websites

URL Architecture and Structure
You can improve your search results by improving the URl structure and URL architecture of your website. This is not only helpful you to gain Google trust even it also helps to make your website pure user friendly. If you don’t understand the process and don’t know how to do this, then you must hire a professional Ecommerce SEO company.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Many times we notice that ecommerce stores use default product descriptions from another store. This is very important thing to take care, because search engines don’t like the duplicate content. We have mentioned tool above where you can check the duplicate content issues.
Website Tracking

To go ahead from your competitors you must regular track your website behavior. You should check how users are using your website and what he is doing on site. If you feel any wrong then try fix it as soon as possible to gain trust of users.

Compatible with Mobile

As we all know that mobile devices are overtaking the desktops and more conversions come from mobile. In this scenario you should optimize the mobile version of your store. Website speed should be very fast and front end design should be appealing to visitors.

Activate Socially

Nowadays social site have great impact on sales of any websites. So, keep your social profiles updated and share attractive offers and interesting things with your users over there.

Images and Video

Images and videos also help to boost your rankings and increase the sales. You images should be clear and optimized. Add videos in a page are plus point that helps users to understand product features completely.

Keep Site Secure

For any ecommerce website it most important to keep website fully secure. Use https (SSL Security) as security trust.

Redirect Deleted Pages

If you have delete any product that is not going to be available in future then you must redirect it permanently by 301 code.


Add some attractive offers on your website and share it on your social accounts to grab some visitors. More visitors you gain more chances to rank higher than competitors.

There are numerous keynotes you should take care while running an ecommerce store. We have tried to mention as much as possible for now. If you have doubts and want to discuss anything with us, then don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We have loads or requests daily, so, we will try to respond back to you as soon as possible. One of our professional will consult individually to guide you throughout.

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