5 Key Benefits of Building a Mobile App for Ecommerce Business

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Today we are living in the world of mobile technology, where every business has their own customized mobile apps. As per the research, 58% mobile users utilize their smartphone application for monitoring offers, discounts, checking reviews and buying products online. The smart use of applications for ecommerce businesses led to the high demand for mobile apps. Hence many ecommerce companies are focusing to build the mobile app for their online store. Today, ecommerce mobile app is taking over the market and gaining the large customer base with increased revenue and sales.

Let us discover why it is important to build mobile apps for ecommerce business:

1. Customer Prefers Mobile Apps over Mobile Browsers

Customer needs a simple and easy platform to buy products. So they find mobile apps more convenient in use as compared to mobile browsers. As ecommerce mobile app offers fast access to their products and smooth interactions. According to the survey, 77% of users access the ecommerce store by mobile apps instead of the mobile browser. It means apps are the great solution for the services that require regular use like ecommerce business (Amazon).

  • Mobile apps send push notifications, reminders and share updates directly to the customers in which mobile browser lacks.
  • It also helps the user to personalize their app by allowing them to set preferences, create personal accounts and keep their vital information private.
  • It provides better support for targeting the audiences and building marketing campaigns.
  • The mobile app offers instant online and offline access to their products.


2. Mobile Apps Build Brand Loyal Audience

Customer prefers research before buying any products. They access mobile websites for the brand and product research. When they find any valuable brand, they just download the mobile app with the mind to buy products. It shows the high level of engagement with the brand when they decide to download your app. Customers spend three hours more on mobile apps in comparison with mobile websites.

  • Customer finds easy to buy products from ecommerce mobile app because they get personalized services that mobile website does not offer. By offering the personalized experience to their customer, valuable brands are building loyal relationship with their customers that result in brand awareness and high conversion rate.
  • Loyal customers are essential for the growth of your business. To keep your customer loyal, you can run customer loyalty program that helps to attract and encourage the customer retention. You can reward your loyal audience by offering incentives, special offers, discounts, coupons, additional services etc. These programs show that company cares about their audience who are loyal to them.


3. Mobile Apps Makes Ecommerce Conversion Easy & Seamless

  • The combination of enhanced UI, easy usability and simple navigation leads to higher conversion rates. Whenever the user visits your app, they buy products, do product research, read product reviews etc. If they don’t like the product, there is an option for them to move to other products and brands. In mobile websites, the user can easily move away from your brand that results in increased abandoned rate. But in ecommerce mobile app, the customer remains in the brands and search for similar and new products. As a result shopping cart abandoned rate in mobile apps is very less as compared to desktop and mobile browsers. It is one of the important factors that result in increased conversion rate.
  • The seller can make use of push notification which is the effective technique to convert your customer into conversion. Once you have worked on the customer insights and analyze the customer needs, customer visit time on your apps etc then you can plan out your strategy for sending push notifications regarding your customer product requirements.
  • When the user decides to shop any product then they visit your mobile app and read reviews to determine the quality of your products. Once they get satisfied with the reviews then buy your products. It indicates that positive reviews lead to the high conversion rate.


4. Phone Inbuilt Feature Encourage Better Engagement

Our smartphone has a lot of important features which can be easily integrated with our app. The integration of app results in an increase of customer engagement and easy navigation. In simple terms, these features reduce the customer buying efforts, helps in quick buy and time-saving transactions etc.

  • GPS: It allows the app to point out the user location like geo-tagging which help companies to identify sellers close to their buyer’s location. If your customer is searching for any physical store location then you can easily guide them to their nearby shop. You can easily introduce geo-tag customer address feature which will eliminate the manual addition of address.
  • Microphone: To ease the search process for products, you can add an option in your app to verbalize what they are looking for. It will help most of your customers to search their products faster. In some cases buyer doesn’t know the right spelling of the product, then by voice search feature, it will be effective.
  • Camera: This feature allows many ecommerce websites to share customer picture of purchased items on their social media channels and store. It is the best way to add your products to real life which increases the successful sale and encourage the engagement of the customers.


5. Ecommerce Mobile App Has Higher Average Order Value (AOV)

Average order value (AOV) is an ecommerce metric that measures by the average of total placed order over a defined period of time. As you know the customer visit on the mobile app is more in comparison with desktop and mobile websites and apps generate more revenue than desktop and mobile websites. It results in higher average order value. There are some points that let you understand how?

  • You can notify your customers when there is a sale, special offers, and deals which helps you to regain or bring back your customer. Notifications make your buyer to remember your online store. Once you regain your customer will result in an increase in revenue.
  • The simple app UI experience makes sell and buy products easier. You must provide your buyer user-friendly UI to complete their purchases with one click ordering. It will be effective for your loyal customer who is familiar with your online store. For new buyers, it will provide amazing user experience with one click shopping.
  • The easy payment mode encourages your buyer to buy your products irrespective of cards. You should add online payment systems to your apps like Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Paypal and many more. By covering all the payment systems will allow easy buying and also makes the customer base broader.


Mobile application development has become the necessity for ecommerce businesses. It’s not simple to make your ecommerce store successful but you can grab the above opportunities to achieve your business goal. If you are searching for ecommerce website development, mobile app development services, you can contact FiCODE – mobile app development company in London that will escalate your sales process, branding goals, improve engagement, boost repeat sales, and do lot more.

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