Building a Video Chat App with Node.js + Socket.io + WebRTC

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Are you willing to create a video chat app for your business objectives? Nowadays, video chatting applications have faced the most substantial breakthroughs in history.

Various applications are now available in the market, such as Zoom, Skype, Meet, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, and many more. The demand for video calling will be more than $50 billion in the nearest future.

Undoubtedly, every aspiring business person is desirous of leveraging on a new business wave: video chatting and conferencing. However, especially for the beginning of an advanced stream on web development, Ficode, the best web development company Birmingham, share with you an essential tutorial on how to build a video chat app using Node.js + Socket.io + WebRTC. Let’s get started!

Why is the video chat application useful?

Video chat applications are everyone’s preference and these apps have gained immense popularity nowadays. Such applications let you bolster relationships with your customers and make the process easier. Therefore, instead of creating an app yourself, it’s imperative to consider hiring Ficode, the best web development company Birmingham.
Nowadays, we have clients with various requirements. For example, some of them need a video chat app for remote hiring, and others need to schedule online interviews, get online consultations, and so on. Therefore, to fulfill our every client’s needs, we can build various top-notch video chat apps, which are:

  • Easy to manage and deploy
    Ongoing management, Centralised remote deployments, and intuitive interface drive adoption platform while releasing administration time.
  • Secure, powerful, and more straight forward
    Ficode can build video chat apps containing powerful features to anchor your app communication platform throughout phone, meetings, rooms, and webinars.

Top Features of the must-have video chat application that Ficode provides

  • Registration
    It incorporates extra security value and makes a video chat application more self-oriented and user-friendly. In addition, Ficode helps a user choose between fast manual registration or signing up via social networks.
  • User profile
    Once the registration is done, your users obtain an opportunity to personalise their profile by inserting profile pictures, personal details, and network status.
  • Virtual noise cancellation
    A video chat app made by Ficode will give you this extraordinary feature of virtual noise cancellation. As remote work has become the new norm, this feature is important while developing a custom video chat app. Our veteran web developers UK can isolate a user’s voice from the background as they are proficient in applying deep learning algorithms.
  • Recording
    A top-notch video conferencing app should have a recording option as it helps save the meeting if someone can’t attend the conference.

How to build a video chat app with Node.js + Socket.io + WebRTC?

Pre-project Setup
These are what you will require:

  • Node.JS: Visit the official Node.JS website to download Node.
  • NPM: This program gets installed on your PC right after installing Node.JS.

Project Establishment

  • Build an empty directory named video-chat-app.
  • Unfold your console, move to the brand-new directory, and run npminit.
  • To initialise your project, provide adequate information.
  • Within the video-chat-app directory, run npm install express ejs socket.io uuid peer. Once done, it will install the dependency, which we require to create this app.
  • Again, we will install Nodemon as a dev dependency and run npm install – dev nodemon.
  • Make a file with the default name of server.js, and this file will keep all our server-side logic.

Start building videos chat apps right away as you have this project setup!

What are the servers required for video calling?

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WebRTC is a well-known tech in video chat application making from a technology standpoint. It’s an open-source internet protocol that helps users make videos in real-time using straightforward APIs. The great tech is used to establish and perform a peer-to-peer connection; without the guidance of a top-notch web server from a third party. This is how WebRTC will keep on submitting media content. In brief, WebRTC can effectively be used together with four APIs, which are the following:

  • RTC DataChannel
    It offers a peer-to-peer communication network for data generalisation.
  • MediaStream
    This one allows chatting between clients using either a video camera or a microphone.
  • OpenTOK
    Although it’s not a specific API, an open-source library and PaaS platform can be used to authorise cross-platform video chats.
  • RTCPeerConnection
    This API is liable for the protection of video chats, as it authorizes video and audio data transfer with top-notch access control and encryption support.

Where can we use WebRTC technology?

A wide array of fascinating use cases exist for WebRTC. The best utilisations are shown below:

  • Broadcasting
    WebRTC can be utilised to distribute single-way media transmissions, for example, speeches, videos, podcasts, and concerts. In addition, users can acquire a real-time solution, such as attendance information, with the help of a solution, PubNub.
  • Audio Calling
    The audio and video in WebRTC work seamlessly by using codecs, which are well-known algorithms used to compress and decompress audio and video data. Moreover, Ficode has previous experience integrating audio calling in web and mobile applications. That’s why with the help of WebRTC, our developers can build the best video chat app.
  • Share screen
    Sharing screen is another use case of WebRTC technology, which helps you get explicit notions about the work and its outcomes. After Ficode’s involvement in making seamless video chat apps with WebRTC technology for your business, you can see your sales reps grow.


The most significant benefits of choosing Node.Js for real-time video chat application development projects are the following:

  • A Node.Js framework is renowned for its event-driven competency, making it hassle-free for Ficode’s web developers to track I/O bound tasks. Also, its streams are UNIX-based and that’s why the framework can be read clearly and decode the input from its source and send it back to its original destination.
  • By selecting Node.JS to create a video chat app, the developers can ensure straightforward data transfer between the server and client. Also, this server can make sure data readability and transferability between the server and client.

Where can we use Node.JS technology?

Following are the leading areas where Node.JS proves itself an ideal tech partner:

  • Data streaming applications
  • Single page applications
  • Data Intensive Real-time Applications (DIRT)
  • JSON APIs based apps

How does Ficode help create a video chat application?

Video calls are similar to ordinary phone calls, where you can see that person and hear his/her voice. Most video calling apps frequently provide additional features, such as video group calling and video sharing facilities. The best examples of video chat applications are:

  • Video calling apps: FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp
  • Conferencing apps: Skype, Zoom, and Hangouts
  • Entertaining apps: Rave, Houseparty, and Discord

There might be a situation when you require to combine a video chat into a ready-made application. For instance, telehealth applications can’t work without video chat. If that’s the case, you should contact Ficode’s web developers UK to get instant help. However, the important steps we follow to build a video chat app are the following:

  • Backend development
    Various ways are there for backend creation. Ficode can help you construct it without utilising programming to create video chat applications for organisations. Making an impromptu application offers you maximum adaptability, while our SaaS arrangements allow you to take time.
  • Proper UI/UX design
    A UI with transparent highlights may match a particular group to build an instant video chatting application. While your app could have an engaging UI, it may need modifications. Ficode helps you keep the UI as clean as possible and accessible too!
  • Video streaming protocols
    Sending a live sound or video using the video chat app is comprehensible due to the agreement with WebRTC. Hence, we help build a video streaming protocol to facilitate the app development procedure. Apart from that, a top-notch video chat API is the safest deal for the progression of the video chat application.
  • Testing stage
    Ficode’s web developers can ensure that every line of your code fills in. However, bugs can create utter dissatisfaction with individual highlights and sound video desync. That’s why quality confirmation is necessary. Our experienced developers can fix such errors after obtaining the client’s input.
  • Development team
    Ficode has a product improvement group and an in-house team of developers who brainstorms and work hard to make the best video chat app.


The web development services of Ficode can help anyone to create a video chat app. Luckily, it’s not that tough nowadays to create your video chat application when you have Ficode as a development partner.
To wrap up, Ficode is a leading website development company Birmingham, working on great technologies to build your video chat app. If you want web and mobile development services, contact us on +443337891189 or email us on info@ficode.com to know everything about our web development services and our technical team will get back to you to resolve out your queries.

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