Android 9 Pie: Get ready for a simpler and more meaningful life with your smartphone!

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Google is known for striving endlessly to equip us with the latest the technology has to offer as of yet. By targeting to make life of the users simpler and more effective, it no doubt follows an acute business sense which once again has reflected in its most recent effort: Android 9 Pie.

Much has been said and talked about the latest OS update from Google and yet it seems like less because ultimately the user will tell what’s it like but that has a long way to go since the version is available for Google Pixel and Essential Phones only. It would not be before months that the other smartphone manufacturers would get to integrate the OS with their latest mobile smart gadgets and then many more Android users would be talking about the much-anticipated Android Pie.

What to look forward to

If features are something you are obsessed with in your phone, you will love everything about Android 9.0 lovingly and formally referred to as Android Pie. While in several Beta versions, many features were tested and tweaked to make them simpler, better and in some cases faster as well. The final version was released on August 6, 2018 and non-Pixel and Essential Phone users have to wait for quite some more time to get a hands-on experience.

Artificial Intelligence working at core    

AI has lately been discussed as something belonging to far-future even after the multiple instances of its current usage every now and then. Android 9 Pie is Android 9 Pie due to its intelligent responses to the user by studying her habits with the phone. Thus the more you use it, the more it learns about you and the more it adapts to make your life simpler and actions much faster.

Features like Adaptive Battery, Adaptive Brightness and App Actions are the best that uses AI. Adaptive Battery diverts energy specifically to apps you use most, not to the ones that are least or not at all used, thus making the battery to last a little longer. Adaptive Brightness works to learn your preference of brightness to maintain that automatically without drawing your attention to it. Then there’s App Actions that watch your habits of using app and specific time you use them to suggest you required action.

Simplicity for efficiency

The new navigation scheme is designed to be more comfortable, especially if you want to use just one hand freeing the other to do something else than getting hooked onto the phone. It has just one home “pill” shaped button. You can swipe it right left and up to perform three different actions

Taking screenshots has been also made easy by introducing pressing, holding and then touching the screen. The old method of pressing the volume and power button together still works (for those who resist change no matter how much good it could do!).

Visual de-cluttering

Moving volume bar to the side, making worth-it changes in quick setting panel, bettering Smart Text Selection tool are some the must-mentionable features included in the Android 9 Pie.

Sensible inclusions

The Do Not Disturb feature should be mentioned especially to the people who have to scratch time out for themselves and deliberately hold things and people back so that they can enjoy some rest, me-time or simply any appointment they are looking forward to. DND also gets activated when you keep the phone face down.

Digital Well-being aspect that includes several feature in one like Do Not Disturb, Night Light, changing display to B&W nearing to bedtime, and Android dashboard that showcases the amount of time you spend on phone, the apps that are used most and limiting time on apps that are eating up your valuable time are very much appreciated and are still on wait-list until the full roll out in fall.

New Lockdown feature disables all the biometric methods of unlocking the phone and reverting to more primary methods like PIN and Pattern-drawing.


Many aspects or features of the Android 9 Pie can be squarely categorized into good, bad and ugly but that has yet to be reported widely until the OS is available to a wider audience. The data that would be available then would be more than just a random statistic.

Until then, all eyes are eagerly awaiting, especially as a pioneer mobile app development company. After all we need to be ready to assist users with the Android 9 Pie supporting apps!

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